Tuesday, December 29, 2015

De La Salle experience

It's become an annual event, now. My dad's high school basketball team comes from Minneapolis to Mitchell and Sioux falls to play in a local tournament. Isaac gets involved completely. 

Last evening we had dinner at my parents with the coach, team, Owen, Sully, Anna, Sophia and Jordan. The kids were in awe and those basketball players entertained them nonstop in a short couple of hours. 

Tonight was the when more fun happened. Owen and Isaac got to be ball boys during the final game. They go into the locker room with the team and are completely involved in all aspects of the evening- from beginning to the very end with handshakes for the other team to taking pictures with the trophy. What a hit. 

I asked Owen what they talked about in the locker room at half time and Owen said, "I don't know the coach just swears a lot." 

When we left tonight Isaac said, "mom and dad, what will you think when I go to De La Salle and I play against O'Gorman?" Uh oh. I told Jeff we should just let him believe it may happen, for now. 

The coach is so good to the kids, he invited Isaac to go to basketball camp this summer at De La Salle. We will see!

the team over for dinner

Isaac and Owen being ball boys

pregame prep

the team with the winning trophy!