Monday, December 14, 2015

Connelly Christmas

We celebrating Christmas with my family last evening. Everyone had a great time. Lots of laughs and smiles. I think the hit was the game we brought over, Pie Face. The kids loved it and Grandpa Paul even got some pie in the face! 

I am so grateful for my my parents. My dad is so much fun to be around with those grandkids. He is so good with them. He will help play jump rope, take them golfing, frog hunting, play baseball, etc. My mom is such a sense of comfort and creativity for the kids. She is willing to do anything whenever they come play- whether it be painting, picking raspberries and peaches in the garden,  blowing up balloons, etc. I am also truly grateful for their willingness to help. whenever I am in a bind for rides or activities they are almost always able to help. They take them to plays and movies and all the fun stuff. 

We are all so lucky to have each other. It was a great evening. All my siblings together with their families and our Aunt Patty. It is pretty awesome having these grandkids together- 9 of them ages 6 weeks- 15 years old! 

It makes my heart want to explode. 

Sophia (15). Piper (6 weeks). Hudson (10). Isaac (7). Grandpa Paul (75).
Capri (8). Sullivan (3). Grandma Mary (70). Anna (5). Greta (2). Owen (12). 

Isaac and Anna with their grandparents.