Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Anna is 5!

As I was reminiscing today of the younger years with Anna I keep feeling a jolt of reality as I realize my baby is now 5. I seriously cannot believe it. How did she turn 5 and into this beautiful, smart, funny, genuine little girl. I feel like it was yesterday going through the toddler stage of life and now she is going to be in kindergarten next year. 

We had a really fun day today. She brought snowman cookies to school today. Then, after school Suzie brought her kids over for lunch. Sullivan stayed to play. We picked Isaac up from school, then met Hudson, Capri and Owen at Build A Bear. It was Anna's one request. It was a little crazy but lots of fun. 

We came home and the kids played while I prepped for her birthday dinner with family. When everyone arrived we got into a circle around Anna and everyone told her one reason why they are thankful for her. It was very sweet. Once Anna go the hang of it she gave everyone a hug after their turn. 

I want to share couple things about Anna. My one of a kind girl. She loves her teachers and her school friends. She loves to create and make gifts for everyone in her class. One day she made a pearler bead craft for every single one of her classmates and her teacher. She also loves to bring hand written cards to her friends, teachers, cousins, grandparents, etc.

She loves to share her love. I am so lucky to be her mom. 

Cheers to 5 years, baby girl. 

Anna, Sully and Isaac

Build A Bear
Owen. Hudson. Capri. Isaac. Anna. Sully

Birthday Celebration

my 5 year old!