Monday, November 2, 2015

Sweet baby Piper

We have been anticipating the arrival of Suzie's babe for weeks. Well, Friday (October 30) the babe was kicked out as Suzie was induced. Suzie was certain she was going to have a boy, certain. I had a tinge of thought it was going to be a girl. After about 7 hours of pitocin, labor, walking, an epidural and some pushing  we were so excited to welcome a girl! Suzie was so thrilled and shocked to have a girl and a sister for Greta! So much fun! 

Everyone fell fast in love with this little sweetie. Isaac and Anna love her so much. Anna begs to see her everyday. It is so so sweet. It is going to be so much fun having this little girl in our lives.

Congrats Suzie and Dave. I'm so in love with your sweet kiddos- I look forward to many fun days ahead. 

Suzie and Dave with their 3 sweet kids.
Piper. Greta. Sully

My kids so in love

5 girl cousins together.
GG (almost 2). Capri (8). Piper (newby). Sophia (15). Anna (4).