Monday, November 23, 2015

Snow! So much snow!

They predicted a couple inches on snow for last Friday. Boy, were they wrong! It started snowing around 7am and snowed all day long. We ended up with about 16 inches at our house! Major snow! 

I went to get Anna from school at 11 and the roads were so bad and people were all over the place. I called Jeff to see if he could get Isaac at 3 so I could avoid the mess. Gladly, he did. He came home from work then and snow blowed for over 3 hours! It was crazy.

Anna went out to play in it for a while and we took Rudy out, as well. Her first time in the snow and she loved it, but it was about as tall as she is so she couldn't get around very easy. 

I put some pictures on twitter and then The National Weather Channel contacted me about putting them on tv! I heard there was a picture of Rudy on, I missed it. Shoot! 

It sure is pretty having the white blanket of snow outside. The kids are loving it! 

Hello, winter.

Anna playing in the snow- passed her knees


Over 13 inches around 3pm

Huge snowball

Jeff hard at work!