Monday, November 23, 2015

November Stuff

The first 19 days of November were gorgeous. We were outside at the park most days, riding bikes around the neighborhood, taking lots of walks... We took full advantage of our fall in November. 

We have also been busy hanging with our sweet baby cousin/niece and Sully and Greta. 

Basketball has been keeping us busy on Saturday mornings. 

We took Isaac and his buddy to the O'Gorman state football championship. O'G lost but we had fun cheering them on. 

Life has been good, busy and relaxing all month.

playing at the park in jackets in November

Rudy Rooster

My sweet nieces 

Bike Riding and sunshine

Isaac the helper

Anna can't get enough of this girl

Reading to his sister

Basketball team

Walking with my mom

Go Knights!


This is what happens when I babysit GG

Tough kids

Isaac's cheerleaders!