Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

The kids finally took me up on my request. I asked them last year if they would be Santa and Mrs Claus and they didn't like the idea. So this year when I asked them again they wavered and had to think about it but in the end they went with it. They looked so darn cute and got so many compliments from so many people about how great they looked. We all had fun. People were requesting certain presents and Isaac told them, "sorry, you are on the naughty list."

They had a great time at the Zoo Boo, a halloween party with my parents and school parties before the actual halloween was here. So they got plenty use of out of their costumes. 

What fun!

Santa and Mrs Claus

visiting grandma

A quick stop to the hospital before trick or treating to see the Munce kids
Anna. Piper. Sully. Isaac. Greta