Sunday, November 29, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have so much to be thankful for.

We had such a nice Thanksgiving Day. It was filled with good food, family and love. 

Joe came from Des Moines and the kids had so much fun having him around.

Matt. Lizzie. Isaac. Mary Ellen. Suzie. Sully. Dave. Maggie. Piper. Paul. Greta. Anna. Jeff. Joe


The 1st graders at St. Michael participate in celebrating Novem-BEAR. They have a parade down the halls and showcase their Teddy Bear float. Isaac chose to have a Notre Dame theme. We worked hard on this project as a family. It was fun! Isaac was very excited about his float and had a big smile on his face during the parade. Way to go, buddy!

Isaac and his class

Isaac with his float

Monday, November 23, 2015

Snow! So much snow!

They predicted a couple inches on snow for last Friday. Boy, were they wrong! It started snowing around 7am and snowed all day long. We ended up with about 16 inches at our house! Major snow! 

I went to get Anna from school at 11 and the roads were so bad and people were all over the place. I called Jeff to see if he could get Isaac at 3 so I could avoid the mess. Gladly, he did. He came home from work then and snow blowed for over 3 hours! It was crazy.

Anna went out to play in it for a while and we took Rudy out, as well. Her first time in the snow and she loved it, but it was about as tall as she is so she couldn't get around very easy. 

I put some pictures on twitter and then The National Weather Channel contacted me about putting them on tv! I heard there was a picture of Rudy on, I missed it. Shoot! 

It sure is pretty having the white blanket of snow outside. The kids are loving it! 

Hello, winter.

Anna playing in the snow- passed her knees


Over 13 inches around 3pm

Huge snowball

Jeff hard at work!

November Stuff

The first 19 days of November were gorgeous. We were outside at the park most days, riding bikes around the neighborhood, taking lots of walks... We took full advantage of our fall in November. 

We have also been busy hanging with our sweet baby cousin/niece and Sully and Greta. 

Basketball has been keeping us busy on Saturday mornings. 

We took Isaac and his buddy to the O'Gorman state football championship. O'G lost but we had fun cheering them on. 

Life has been good, busy and relaxing all month.

playing at the park in jackets in November

Rudy Rooster

My sweet nieces 

Bike Riding and sunshine

Isaac the helper

Anna can't get enough of this girl

Reading to his sister

Basketball team

Walking with my mom

Go Knights!


This is what happens when I babysit GG

Tough kids

Isaac's cheerleaders!

Monday, November 9, 2015

while Isaac is at guitar...

On Mondays Isaac has guitar lessons. Jeff and I take turns taking him and the other stays home with Anna. 

It is probably the best hour of her week. 

Complete one on one time. She picks the activity and she gets to do what she wants. Jeff is so good about playing with her and being patient when it's his turn and she usually loves it when I go. 

Tonight I stayed home with her and let her lead the show. We started by playing legos and pretending to do all sorts of things. Then we did some coloring. She was loving our special time. I was, too. 

She is growing up way too fast. 

lego creation

coloring. coloring. coloring

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

warm fall days

The weather has been gorgeous! We have several nice days and then we get a little cold spell and then another round of nice days. This cycle has been going on for weeks. 

I know soon it will get cold and we will be spending most of our time indoors. Until then, we will enjoying meeting our friends at the park to play!

Everyday we get to be outside is one day closer to spring!

Happy kids playing at the park in November!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

The kids finally took me up on my request. I asked them last year if they would be Santa and Mrs Claus and they didn't like the idea. So this year when I asked them again they wavered and had to think about it but in the end they went with it. They looked so darn cute and got so many compliments from so many people about how great they looked. We all had fun. People were requesting certain presents and Isaac told them, "sorry, you are on the naughty list."

They had a great time at the Zoo Boo, a halloween party with my parents and school parties before the actual halloween was here. So they got plenty use of out of their costumes. 

What fun!

Santa and Mrs Claus

visiting grandma

A quick stop to the hospital before trick or treating to see the Munce kids
Anna. Piper. Sully. Isaac. Greta

Sweet baby Piper

We have been anticipating the arrival of Suzie's babe for weeks. Well, Friday (October 30) the babe was kicked out as Suzie was induced. Suzie was certain she was going to have a boy, certain. I had a tinge of thought it was going to be a girl. After about 7 hours of pitocin, labor, walking, an epidural and some pushing  we were so excited to welcome a girl! Suzie was so thrilled and shocked to have a girl and a sister for Greta! So much fun! 

Everyone fell fast in love with this little sweetie. Isaac and Anna love her so much. Anna begs to see her everyday. It is so so sweet. It is going to be so much fun having this little girl in our lives.

Congrats Suzie and Dave. I'm so in love with your sweet kiddos- I look forward to many fun days ahead. 

Suzie and Dave with their 3 sweet kids.
Piper. Greta. Sully

My kids so in love

5 girl cousins together.
GG (almost 2). Capri (8). Piper (newby). Sophia (15). Anna (4).

celebrating All Saints

Isaac and Anna had their All Saints party last week at school. I took some pictures during Anna's but was too distracted at Isaacs to take any. They both had a great time and it is so fun being a part of their celebrations. Those kids in their classes are so sweet and always so happy to see me. 

pumpkin bowling

blow darts

Anna and her classmates

Tuesday Mom

Now that I have my mornings free I have been able to help around school more often. They have a program called Tuesday Morning Moms. We can go in and help teachers with projects- copying and sorting and cutting and hanging. It's fun to be around and even more fun when I see the kids in the hall. 

hard at work