Friday, October 16, 2015

We love CA!

Jeff and I took the kids to CA for 9 wonderful days. The first weekend Jeff and I went to a football game with friends so John and Linda came from AZ to watch the kids... Thank you so much! When we returned from our trip we hit the ground running...

We spent and entire day at the zoo- which was amazing. It was a rainy day and cool so they said the animals are more active. We saw polar bears, koala bears, monkeys, elephants, cheetahs and so much more. We all loved our time together. We didn't bring a stroller and the kids walked most of the day- which was so nice. 

We spent another day at Lego Land. We didn't have much for expectations as neither of us have ever been. My expectations were exceeded by far. Our kids were the perfect age- able to go on all the rides and do all the activities. At first Anna was totally freaked out to go on the roller coasters but once she tried one once she was hooked and loved them all. It was fun. They had the set from The Lego Movie and Emmett was there so we got to meet him. The Lego Friends also had an area where they put on a concert and Anna got to play legos with the characters and she was a little star struck but had so much fun. I highly recommend Lego Land.

The other days we spent on Coronado. We rented and rode bikes 2 days, played in the ocean- boogie boarding was a major hit (for all 3- Jeff included), swam in the pool, early morning seashell hunts, just hanging out. We truly have the best time together. Every year it gets a little more fun as the kids get older. 

We can't wait to go back!

Thanks mom and dad for letting us crash at your place for the week!

Isaac reading to Anna in the airport

Dinner with John and Linda

best view


family selfie at the zoo

funny faces with the elephant in the background


sand dollar hunt. 

Bike rides around Coronado

Coronado Bridge behind us

swimming with daddy!

time out! too funny not to share

early morning seashell hunt

my loves

boogie boarding

playing in the sand

lego land

more lego land

playing with legos

Anna and I dancing at the concert

family picture with Emmett

Playing with lego friends characters

Isaac and Anna with lego friends

giant clam on our early morning seashell hunt

hunting for sea shells in our pajamas

buried the kids 

We love Coronado!