Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Married 9 years!

Jeff and I celebrated 9 years of marriage last week!

It was a crazy busy day:

1. sick child (Isaac).
2. Jeff had to go to work early and had month end.
3. Anna started gymnastics. 
4. I picked up Rudy from puppy school (surprise for everyone)!
5. Jeff had to coach football (Isaac was sick from school so he couldn't play but tagged along).
6. Anna and I went to Sophia's soccer game

We were finally able to take a few minutes to be together at the ice cream shop at 8pm. We met there on our way home from the days events. 

As the years pass I am learning that life is happening and we may not get to celebrate each other on the actual day but we celebrate each other everyday by being together as a family and working together as a family. We have to lean on each other always to make this life work. 

I wouldn't trade it for a thing. Happy 9 years, JJ.