Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Last weekends at the lake

Just like a snap of the fingers another summer is behind us. 

We spent the last 2 weekends at the lake and Capri joined us not once, but twice. She had so much fun the first weekend she came with us again. 

The most fun about this summer for the kids was definitely the jet ski, Arnold's Park, flips off the boat, mini golfing, the lily pad, jumping off the dock and swimming. Every weekend I am sure Jeff took those kids on the jet ski an hour a day. Begging for more rides. Arnold's Park was more fun this year as Isaac was finally tall enough to go on the big kid rides. He loved the roller coaster and the log ride the best. Anna loved all the rides and having friends (or her brother) to go with her. Isaac and Anna both got so brave this summer and both loved jumping off the dock or off the boat. Then Isaac got even more brave and was attempting flips off the dock and boat! Crazy moves, kid. Of course, Isaac still loves to play mini golf. Anna joined us more this year. Her attention span is getting better but she is usually over it by about the 8th hole. Another major highlight was the lily pad. The kids could spend hours on that thing. Swimming all day was so fun. It was fun to watch them swim and to help them swim without lifejackets. We swam off the boat, swam at the dock. 

Thanks, John and Linda for all the memories and accommodating us weekend after weekend. Always welcoming us and making us feel right at home. The kids love spending time with you and making memories with you. I think the lake will be some of their best memories growing up and thank you so much for giving them that. Linda and John, Jeff and I enjoy spending our weekends with you, too. Catching up on life and just spending time together. 

We are all looking forward to the summer of 2016!

the kids with uncle joe

so fun having capri with us

family selfie!