Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Something magical is happening.

The first day of school came and went- kids loved being there and seeing each other most of all. 

Then the weekend came and all weekend they played together, taking turns of what they were going to play. Anna would chose camper van which involves shopkins, dolls, camper, doll house, etc. Isaac would usually chose Minecraft and they would link up and play together. They chose to play with each other and they were having fun. The giggles and conversation that came out of their rooms was truly music to my ears. It was magical. 

It gets better. 

Jeff drops the kids off at school on his way to work and he has been getting them there early enough for them to have a few minutes on the playground. He goes to work. My dear friend and neighbor drops her boy off a little later and sends me messages about seeing my kids. She said that she sees my kids together on the playground with Isaac close to Anna usually with an arm around her. Then, when it's time to line up he walks her over to her line before he goes to his own line. 

There's even more. 

Isaac told Anna on the car ride to school to meet him at a certain place on the playground when they have morning recess together. So when she goes out for recess she knows right where to find him. He gives her a hug and invites her to play with him. One day they were play boys chase girls and Isaac had Anna be on his team, the boys team. Too funny. Proud mom moment. 

It's magical.