Tuesday, August 4, 2015

fun with the Oliver family

Jeff's siblings were all back at the lake for a little family reunion. Everyone was there: John, Linda, Kristy, Scott, Joe, Amy, Ellie, Jack, Patricia, Jaxson, Jace, Jordan, Jeff, Isaac, Anna and myself. The weather was perfect. We spent time in the sun, getting pedicures, playing at the park, a concert, a children's play, tubing, swimming, celebrating Jace's 3rd Birthday and just enjoying being together. 

Isaac and Jaxson have so much fun together every time they see each other. Anna and Jace get right in the mix.... and soon little Jordyn will be playing with everyone. We can't wait to see everyone again at Christmas in Arizona!

grandpa and his grand kiddos

grandma and her grands

Jace (3). Anna (4). Jordyn (8 months). Isaac (7). Jaxson (7).

having so much fun!

The crew!

building sand castles with grandma.