Friday, August 21, 2015

Back to school

The kids had their first day of school yesterday. Isaac is in 1st grade and Anna is in jump start. 

The night before school they were having very different feelings about school. Anna was very excited to see her teacher and be in school and meet new friends. She wanted to wear her jumper for her first day of jump start. She woke up and was excited to get to school.

Isaac seemed to be a ball of nerves. He was emotional the evening before saying he didn't want to go to school because he was going to miss being with me all day (sweetness). He wasn't sure about his teacher and 1st grade. 

Once we got to school they were both fine and happy and ready to go. They had a great morning. 

When I picked them up I asked them what their favorite part of their day was and they both said it was seeing each other at the assembly and then again at recess. Anna said Isaac gave her a big hug at recess. Melt my heart. Proud mom moment. 

Its going to be a great year!

before school with their signs. 

Isaac 1st day of 1st grade

Anna's first day of jump start

my cute kiddos

Anna (4) Isaac (7)