Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Something magical is happening.

The first day of school came and went- kids loved being there and seeing each other most of all. 

Then the weekend came and all weekend they played together, taking turns of what they were going to play. Anna would chose camper van which involves shopkins, dolls, camper, doll house, etc. Isaac would usually chose Minecraft and they would link up and play together. They chose to play with each other and they were having fun. The giggles and conversation that came out of their rooms was truly music to my ears. It was magical. 

It gets better. 

Jeff drops the kids off at school on his way to work and he has been getting them there early enough for them to have a few minutes on the playground. He goes to work. My dear friend and neighbor drops her boy off a little later and sends me messages about seeing my kids. She said that she sees my kids together on the playground with Isaac close to Anna usually with an arm around her. Then, when it's time to line up he walks her over to her line before he goes to his own line. 

There's even more. 

Isaac told Anna on the car ride to school to meet him at a certain place on the playground when they have morning recess together. So when she goes out for recess she knows right where to find him. He gives her a hug and invites her to play with him. One day they were play boys chase girls and Isaac had Anna be on his team, the boys team. Too funny. Proud mom moment. 

It's magical.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Back to school

The kids had their first day of school yesterday. Isaac is in 1st grade and Anna is in jump start. 

The night before school they were having very different feelings about school. Anna was very excited to see her teacher and be in school and meet new friends. She wanted to wear her jumper for her first day of jump start. She woke up and was excited to get to school.

Isaac seemed to be a ball of nerves. He was emotional the evening before saying he didn't want to go to school because he was going to miss being with me all day (sweetness). He wasn't sure about his teacher and 1st grade. 

Once we got to school they were both fine and happy and ready to go. They had a great morning. 

When I picked them up I asked them what their favorite part of their day was and they both said it was seeing each other at the assembly and then again at recess. Anna said Isaac gave her a big hug at recess. Melt my heart. Proud mom moment. 

Its going to be a great year!

before school with their signs. 

Isaac 1st day of 1st grade

Anna's first day of jump start

my cute kiddos

Anna (4) Isaac (7)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

School Open House

It's hard to believe the kids start school in 2 short days. Isaac is going into 1st grade and Anna is going into jumpstart (prekindergarten). I cannot even believe it. I was talking to Jeff a couple of weeks ago and commenting how looking back over the last 7 years the time flew by. But I remember 5 years ago it felt like school days seemed forever away. Here we are now, Isaac is in school full days and Anna will go everyday in the mornings. 

I am excited to have my mornings to myself. I have also already reached out to help in school, which is something I have been looking forward to since Isaac started preschool 4 years ago. 

Tonight right before we walked into Isaac's classroom I got a big lump in my throat. Emotions running through me I didn't even know I had. He is excited to see his friends but not quite ready for school to start. Tonight before he went to bed he told me he doesn't want to be away from me all day. Ok buddy, you melt my heart. 

Anna, oh Anna. We walked to in to meet her teacher and she got very quiet and shy. Her teacher got right down to her level and asked her about summer and then Anna had so much to tell her. Anna is excited and a little scared. She is excited to meet new friends and to do school work, she is sad that she will miss me. 

I'm excited to see what this year brings. 

Isaac with his teacher

Anna with her teacher

Leech Lake 2015

We spent all of last week in Northern Minnesota at Leech Lake. Leech Lake is near and dear to my heart as my best childhood memories were spent there. So going back with my family was something I have been looking forward to all summer. 

It was so wonderful watching my kids create memories with their cousins. Some of the activities we did were jet skiing, going out on the pontoon boat, fishing, scavenger hunts, turtle races, family dance, bon fires, olympics, ping pong, golfing, swimming, baseball, water skiing (Jeff), painting, sleepovers, etc. The resort had daily activities planned for kids. It was so nice. 

It was fun hanging with my siblings, their spouses and my parents. We played cards and shared stories over bon fires. My Aunt Patty came for a couple days and even went on the jet ski with Jeff. 

Enjoy all the pictures... there are a bunch. 

group picture

Isaac fishing with my dad

catching fish off the pontoon

family pic on the pontoon

new obsession- ping pong

grandpa and dave take some kids fishing

Jeff's catch

turtle races

cheering for the turtles


so fun!

best morning- golfing with my dad and isaac

Jeff skiing

Anna painting

everyone loves buck hunter

leech lake

Anna. Capri. Isaac. Hudson

Capri and Anna jumping on the trampoline

Mom and Dad with the grandkids

working on his fishing cast

let's go swimming!


having fun together

family picture 

Paul Bunyen

Isaac cruising with Sophia

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

fun with the Oliver family

Jeff's siblings were all back at the lake for a little family reunion. Everyone was there: John, Linda, Kristy, Scott, Joe, Amy, Ellie, Jack, Patricia, Jaxson, Jace, Jordan, Jeff, Isaac, Anna and myself. The weather was perfect. We spent time in the sun, getting pedicures, playing at the park, a concert, a children's play, tubing, swimming, celebrating Jace's 3rd Birthday and just enjoying being together. 

Isaac and Jaxson have so much fun together every time they see each other. Anna and Jace get right in the mix.... and soon little Jordyn will be playing with everyone. We can't wait to see everyone again at Christmas in Arizona!

grandpa and his grand kiddos

grandma and her grands

Jace (3). Anna (4). Jordyn (8 months). Isaac (7). Jaxson (7).

having so much fun!

The crew!

building sand castles with grandma.