Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dave Matthews

Back in January I purchased 2 Dave Matthews Band tickets for a June 30th concert in Des Moines. I had no idea where our seats were and had to wait until mid June to get the tickets. It was a long wait- 5 plus months. I asked Suzie to go with me and it wasn't very easy because it was a Tuesday evening show. It all worked out and we were both looking forward to a little night away, a little music and little Sonia time. Sonia, our great friend who moved to Des Moines after her wedding a year ago. We also got to meet my brother in law, Joe for drinks and food before the show. Nothing but fun for a Tuesday evening. 

Dave Matthews did not disappoint. Our seats were awesome! Singing and dancing to all our old favorites. What a great night. 

Me. Sonia. Suzie

Suzie and I with the stage behind us

Love Dave Matthews