Tuesday, July 28, 2015

chop chop!

Anna's hair was long and we decided to give her a fresh cut after Liz's wedding. She got 5 inches cut off and it was so needed! Her hair feels much thicker and more healthy. She looks just as adorable!


post cut

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

10k at the lake

Last weekend Suzie and Dave came to the lake so Dave could run the 10k with his niece and nephew. Joe and Jeff decided to run the race, too. Suzie and the kids came a day early so we could go to Arnold's Park and have extra time to play. We had a good time and kept very busy. 

throwing rocks at sunset

taking it all in

top of the tipsy house

Anna and GG

roller coaster


happy kids

Jeff's favorite cheerleaders!

mini golf with my favorite boy

nutty bar for more ice cream!

Summer Fun!

A little bit of what we have been up to...

KinderKamp for Anna and Sully
Post camp baths
grand opening at the new BK
Story land Theatre with friends

family ice cream bike ride

golfing with grandpa Paul

Wild Water West with friends

Wild Water West!

ice cream truck at the lake

we love ice cream!

celebrating our friends 40th on the barefoot barge!

swimming with Rudy!

my little helper
making banana bread. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Celebrating Liz and Matt's wedding

What a gorgeous weekend for a wedding!

Friday afternoon we had the rehearsal followed by a picnic at Sertoma Park with live music. It was so nice and so fun to meet Matt's family and some of Liz's friends from out of town. 

Saturday was wedding prep. Anna and I got our hair done and put on a little make up. We were off to the wedding in the early afternoon for pictures. The wedding started a little after 5. It was the perfect ceremony to celebrate Matt and Liz. It is so awesome seeing her so happy. She had a smile on her face the entire day. 

After dinner and speeches the dance started and there is one little girl in our family who would not get off the dance floor. Anna and Jeff danced the night away. My heart melted watching Anna smile at her daddy as they held hands and danced to most of the songs. Isaac was off running around with the other kids collecting glow sticks and just being boys. 

Around 10pm they had an awesome fireworks show. 

What a great day to have a wedding!  

All dressed up!

sweetest ring bearer and flower girl

Connelly family of 20! Welcome to the party, Matt!

Connelly grandkids
Capri (7). Greta (20 Months). Owen (11). Isaac (7). Sophia (15). Anna (4). Sullivan (3). Hudson (9).

neighborhood cruise

Last week one evening I was driving home and saw a whole crew of bikers cruising down Louise towards B & G. I took a second glance and started to recognize them. Yep, it was my crew and a few extras. 

Jeff and our neighbor took 6 kids down to get an ice cream treat. I turned around to join them. they all were having so much fun. All boys and then my Anna banana.

We have the best neighbors. The best!

Dave Matthews

Back in January I purchased 2 Dave Matthews Band tickets for a June 30th concert in Des Moines. I had no idea where our seats were and had to wait until mid June to get the tickets. It was a long wait- 5 plus months. I asked Suzie to go with me and it wasn't very easy because it was a Tuesday evening show. It all worked out and we were both looking forward to a little night away, a little music and little Sonia time. Sonia, our great friend who moved to Des Moines after her wedding a year ago. We also got to meet my brother in law, Joe for drinks and food before the show. Nothing but fun for a Tuesday evening. 

Dave Matthews did not disappoint. Our seats were awesome! Singing and dancing to all our old favorites. What a great night. 

Me. Sonia. Suzie

Suzie and I with the stage behind us

Love Dave Matthews

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

What a fun party! We had a tacky party to celebrate Liz and Matt. We arrived in all kinds of fun outfits ready to celebrate! We had dinner at a local pizza spot and then went bowling. It was really fun! 

Party of 12!

filling out a tile for the ceiling at Tomacelli's.

The group!