Wednesday, June 3, 2015

frog hunting with grandpa

My dad has been taking kids frog hunting for a long time. Owen has been going for a long long time. Isaac started going a couple of years ago and now Anna is going. Sullivan went along this week and with the little kids I thought I would tag along to be an extra set of hands. Which was needed as those kids are on their own with one goal- catching frogs, toads, turtles, etc. I should mention, the kids LOVE going frog hunting. 

So off we went in 2 golf carts, a large bucket and 3 nets. We pulled up at the creek and off they went. Owen leading the group all being quiet checking out a turtle on a log. Next thing you know, Owen swoops the net into the water just missing the turtle and all the kids are hooked. Staring, waiting to see another possible suspect. 

We went to several locations and the kids caught 3 frogs. Anna and Sullivan had the most fun playing and "petting" the frogs that were caught. Before we left we released the frogs back to the pond for next time. 

looking for turtles

grandpa and his crew
Owen. Isaac. Dad. Sullivan. Anna. Capri

fun in the golf cart