Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day Weekend

We had a really great weekend. 

We spent hours on the water- kids swimming, jet skiing, boating, having a bon fire, and just relaxing.

We came home Sunday afternoon to have a picnic with my family. My brothers and family weren't around so it was just the girls. We had a nice time and then Isaac and Sully played a little golf with my dad. 

I wish all weekends were just like this one...

Jeff and the kids on the jet ski

Isaac chillaxing

Jeff and Anna swimming

having fun together!

Jeff and his sweet sweet kids on Father's Day

me. Dad. Suzie. Liz

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Puppet Show

Fun evenings at home with these 2 when they play together. Last night they had a puppet show for Jeff and I. Isaac's note says, "Welcome to beer sowe, but haha. starts 8:20." Translation- "Welcome to the Bear Show, haha. Starts 8:20."

I wish these moments would last forever. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Funday Sunday

After a failed attempt to go to the lake on Friday (sick kiddo) we loaded up and headed over on Saturday morning. We spent the afternoon at the park and came home just in time for the sunshine to come out. Anna swam, played in the sand and did all things lake related. Isaac was still working on getting over his little flu bug and hung low. 

Sunday was gorgeous. Perfect day for the lake. We headed out in the morning and stayed out until late afternoon. The kids swam, played on the beach, everyone took a turn on the jet ski and we went for a long boat ride. Isaac's favorite part of the day was the jet ski and Anna's favorite part of the day was spending time with the family. 

hello summer!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Weekend in Minneapolis.

Last weekend we took the kids to Minneapolis for a fun filled weekend. 

We left Friday morning and spent the day at Valley Fair. Isaac went on his first real roller coaster with Jeff. I don't think he hated it but I don't think he loved it. I do know Jeff was pretty excited. We also know that when Anna is big enough we are pretty sure she will be doing all the rides with Jeff since she loves the ones she can do now. Isaac prefers to play the games.... 

On Saturday we went to my Aunt Patty's house and spent the morning with her. She lives in downtown Minneapolis so we were able to walk to the Twins game from her house. We went to the game and had a really good time even though the twins lost. It was a gorgeous day for a baseball game- not too hot, just right. After the game Jeff and the kids dropped me off at the MOA to do a little shopping and he took the kids swimming. 

On Sunday we spent the day at the Mall of America. Anna went on rides, again. I did some shopping. Jeff took the kids mini golfing. 

We had a really fun, fast weekend. My favorite time is family time, for sure. 

mapping out our day at Valley Fair

Isaac's first roller coaster

Anna the panda

Twins Game with Patty 

Anna and the dog from Paw Patrol

family fun!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

frog hunting with grandpa

My dad has been taking kids frog hunting for a long time. Owen has been going for a long long time. Isaac started going a couple of years ago and now Anna is going. Sullivan went along this week and with the little kids I thought I would tag along to be an extra set of hands. Which was needed as those kids are on their own with one goal- catching frogs, toads, turtles, etc. I should mention, the kids LOVE going frog hunting. 

So off we went in 2 golf carts, a large bucket and 3 nets. We pulled up at the creek and off they went. Owen leading the group all being quiet checking out a turtle on a log. Next thing you know, Owen swoops the net into the water just missing the turtle and all the kids are hooked. Staring, waiting to see another possible suspect. 

We went to several locations and the kids caught 3 frogs. Anna and Sullivan had the most fun playing and "petting" the frogs that were caught. Before we left we released the frogs back to the pond for next time. 

looking for turtles

grandpa and his crew
Owen. Isaac. Dad. Sullivan. Anna. Capri

fun in the golf cart


Children's Museum

Friday we headed up to Brookings for the day. It is always a fun, eventful and exhausting day. This time we loaded up in 2 cars. Suzie, Dave and their kids in one car. My mom, Isaac, Anna, Capri, Owen, Hudson and myself in my car- Thank God for the minivan! The kids had a great time playing and exploring. We managed to get a group picture before we came home. What a crew! What fun!

Mom. Capri. Suzie. Hudson. Greta. Owen. Isaac. Sullivan. Anna. Me. Dave. 

soccer match

Any given day of the week there is a pretty serious soccer match going on in our back yard. There are so many boys that live around us and they all love a little friendly competition. I can watch from the deck or inside. Isaac loves having all the kids over to play. Tough kids!

Feeding the ducks at Arrowhead Park

summer reading

I am really loving snuggling up with Isaac on the couch and spending time reading together. We take turns reading out loud to each other. It's a great way to hang out and to keep up the summer reading!