Thursday, May 21, 2015

hello summer!

I am so looking forward to this summer. 

We don't have a ton planned- which was on purpose. We plan to play with friends, go to the lake, enjoy each other and have fun! 

my crew





last day of school

Anna 5/13/15

Isaac and Mrs Ziebell (5/15/15)

spring soccer

Another season of soccer is behind us. We just celebrated last evening at Pizza Ranch with Isaac's soccer team. His coach told Isaac that she really liked how he would kick the ball and go kick it again right away and not just stand there. Definitely a proud mom moment watching Isaac listen and be so proud of himself when his coach gave him those compliments. 

I am so proud of this kiddo!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

My 3 kids!

ballet recital

We had Anna's ballet recital on Friday evening. John and Linda were able to come on their way back from Arizona and my parents came, as well. It was really fun and really sweet. Anna did such a good job and was so proud. 

She looked adorable, too. 

the kids with both sets of grandparents

family pic

Anna with her ballet teacher, Miss Martha

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Baseball season

This year we are giving baseball a go. It's really fun because all the kids on Isaac's team are from his school. It's basically a chance for all those kindergarten boys to hang out and play after school. It is a big time commitment as they play 2 nights a week. But, he loves it so it's all good.

They had their first game on Tuesday night and Isaac was able to make an out on first base and hit a few balls and score. He loved it and it was really sweet listening to all the kids cheer each other on. 

first baseball game

Bubble Bath!

Letters to their teachers

As we finish up the school year the kids created cards for their teachers. It was so fun to hear what they wanted to tell their teachers.

The first one is for Mrs Nagel from Anna. The second card is to Mrs Ziebell from Isaac. The third is to Mrs Pittman from Anna.

I love taking pictures of their work and saving it on here so I can see it forever.

Mother's Day 2015

One word I am using to describe Mother's Day this year is relaxing. We hardly did anything- mostly because it rained most of the day. It was an ultra lazy day. 

The kiddos and Jeff surprised me with jewelry, spa gift cards and hand made cards which I love with all my heart. I was so grateful and it was so emotional. I love their sweetness. 

After a quiet day around the house we went to my parents house to have dinner with my mom. It was a good day.

Life is good. 

Mother's Day 2015