Sunday, April 5, 2015

Isaac is 7!

I believe the first couple of years with a child is very challenging and eventually when the kids get a little older you get your reward. Guess what? I have my reward. It's this amazing 7 year old kid. Yes, life is not perfect and my kids fight and we disagree on ordinary things. But overall, he is such a great kid. 

One of my favorite things about Isaac is watching him make the right decisions without being told what to do. For example, when organizing his class birthday party I asked him who we should invite and his response was, "we have to invite all the boys in my class so no one feels left out." I often see him including and encouraging a little classmate of his who tends to be shy and timid. He is always making sure he is in with the other kids playing and working. It is such a great feeling witnessing these actions. He also will come to me without saying word and just hug me and give me a few seconds of his day. Best moments ever.

I asked him if he wanted me to take him to lunch for his birthday or if he wanted me to come eat lunch with him at school- his answer was that he wanted me to come eat school lunch with him- because he didn't want to miss lunch recess. I get it. Anna and I joined him for lunch and it was so loud in there and the kids were having so much fun. Anna and I were over stimulated from all the noise. After he got done eating he told me it was time for me to go so he could go to recess. Off we went. I stayed in my car a few extra minutes to watch him head out for recess. He was so in his element out there at recess playing games with all of his friends ages kindergarten- 2nd grade. He hangs with them all.

After school we came home and had family over for dinner. His request was buttered noodles. So I made a noodle bar. 3 different kinds of noodles and 3 different kinds of sauce (spaghetti with meatballs, chicken linguini and butter). After dinner we opened presents and played. It was a great day!

Now we look forward to Tuesday when his birthday present arrives- in ground basketball hoop. 

Happy Birthday to one of the best! 

lunch at school

best neighbors chalk painted a birthday message

Family Birthday Picture