Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Love 2015

This morning at roughly 6:45 Anna came running to my bed and snuggled into her spot between Jeff and I (totally normal). At about 6:50 Isaac stumbled into my room and found his spot on our bed right next to me on the edge of our bed. He wanted me to play his iPad with him and then as soon as he turned it on he said, "today's easter?!" We came to the living room to find Easter baskets packed with goodies and a little Easter egg hunt set up the kiddos. That was all done around 7 and then we got ready and went to 9:30am mass. After mass we went to Colton- our annual Easter activity. We are so grateful for Jamie (Mandy's sister) to invite us every year. We all have a great time. 

After lunch we had an Easter egg hunt. The kids were so into and loved it. Truly one of my favorite days of the year. They have a huge farm so the kids can roam and explore all afternoon. 

Happy Easter!

Isaac hunting

Anna found an egg

Easter 2015