Thursday, March 19, 2015

Utah 2015

We spent 8 days in Utah with Jeff's family last week. The 4 of us went a couple days early so I didn't have to celebrate my birthday traveling. It worked out great. Jeff, the kids and I had our day to explore Salt Lake City and then we headed up to Park City to get settled for our week of fun. 

Anna got really sick the afternoon of my birthday and for some reason the only time I didn't pack any children's medicine is the time I needed it. I felt stranded with no car and the nearest store was several miles away. I woke up very early on Sunday morning next to a very sick little girl and chose to get up and get a cab to the store to pick up some children's medicine before Jeff and Isaac headed out to ski and ski school for the day. She didn't perk up and by that evening Jeff decided to take her to acute care and sure enough she had strep throat. She was back to herself by late the next day and we were set for fun!

Isaac did 2 days of ski school and 2 days of skiing- one with me and one with all the guys. Anna also ended up doing 2 days of ski school. She had so much fun on the first day she asked to go again. Sure thing sweet girl. 

We spent a day at the tubing hill and also did an alpine roller coaster. It was fun. 

I was able to do a painting canvas class with Patricia and Linda which was a great night out. 

The kids had fun seeing all their cousins and Kristy, Joe, Jack, Patricia, John and Linda. It had been a long time since we saw them last. Isaac and Jaxson sure have a great time together. They are basically connected at the hip for the week. 

Enjoy all the pics!

Here is a video of us tubing:

Here is a video of us skiing:
Salt Lake City Temple Square

Mormon Temple- huge!

children's museum

children's museum

Children's Museum

Children's Museum

Birthday Lunch


Off to Ski School!

Jace. Anna. Jordyn. Isaac. Jaxson



best buds besides even though very different tastes in football teams

heading to ski

Isaac and Jeff

Our ski group
John. Jaxson. Isaac. Me. Jeff. Joe. Jack

chair lift selfie

Jeff and me

snow bugs!

my boys

Anna at ski school

let's go swimming!

Alpine Roller Coaster

Alpine Roller Coaster

The Paint Mixer

Jeff and Anna

Jeff and Isaac

Jaxson and Isaac skiing with grandpa Johnny

Tough kids

my afternoon reading spot

pack up to head home!

And Isaac got to pretend to be the pilot.
He asked 1 million questions- just like his mom.

decorating the Christmas tree