Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rudy Rooster Oliver

Back in January I started doing some heavy puppy research. I spent many evenings researching breeds and looking for litters in our area of the country. I wanted a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel- Jeff wasn't totally sold. Back to the drawing board- mini labradoodle. Jeff said, too expensive. So the searching was back on. Then, I stumbled across the cavapoo. A mix between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. I was sold instantly with the adorableness and the fact that they don't shed. 

My next mission was to find a cavapoo near us. There are tons of breeders- just not many in this part of the country. I could have had one shipped here but I didn't want to put a pup on a plane- the thought of it broke my heart. 

I found one in Eastern Iowa and thought I found the one. Then things weren't adding up with this breeder- she wouldn't send me a picture, wanted to meet at an exit, etc. The though of driving 7 hours and the risk of having someone not show up was just not an option for us. We had to be 100% certain this was legit. 

Then, I just started googling breeders in the South Dakota/Minnesota/Iowa/Nebraska and up popped this breeder with a website and reviews, but no cavapoo puppies at the time. I took a shot and emailed them just to ask if they would have puppies soon. Within a couple of days I got an email back saying they had just had 3 females and they were all available! Woohoo! Jeff and I talked about it and were both totally ready to add this little ball of fur to our family. We picked her out and then it was just the waiting game. 

I got weekly emails from Sandy (the breeder) and I fell in love more and more each week. She was born on 1/19/2015 

To make things even more fun we decided to keep the who puppy plan a secret from the kids. And, it was totally worth it. Jeff and I made the long trip to Baileyville, Kansas (4.5 hours each way) to pick her up while the kids were home with Riley on Sunday. The closer we got to home the more excited and anxious I was getting. I brought a box and we put her in it and we came inside and told the kids we had a surprise and they opened the box to find, a puppy! They were surprised and so sweet. They were both in complete love. 

Here are some of our weekly pictures that we received every week along with some early pictures with kids on the first couple of days. She is about 3lbs and 5 inches tall.

Rudy 1 week

Rudy 2 weeks

Rudy 4 weeks

Rudy 6 weeks

9 weeks

Rudy and Isaac

Anna and Rudy