Friday, March 13, 2015

Local media crazy

Last week the kids and I stopped by to pick up some signs for family and friends to support the change in our school calender to start after Labor Day instead of mid August. Never did I expect this little stop to put us in the paper and on the news! 

A reporter and photographer from the Argus followed us out to our car and snapped a bunch of pics and asked some questions. I went home nervous and anxious to see what they would use. 

On Friday morning Isaac ran out to get the paper and came in and found us on the front page of the Voices section. The kids think we are famous! 

Then I was approached on Friday morning by a news station wanting to do a story about the calender and wanting to use us again! 

They did an interview and some video of the kids playing while Jeff peeked out and watched from the garage window. 

Again, I was very nervous to see the final product. Since I was out of town some friends sent me the link. It turned out just fine. 

It was a crazy 15 hours. 

The kids still think they are famous. :)