Tuesday, January 27, 2015

weekend fun

About 2 months before Jeff and I were planning on going on our Bahamas trip Jeff's buddy informed him that they were going to go to Vegas for his 40th- the very next weekend after we got home. I immediately said there is no way I wanted to pull that off. As much fun as this group is being gone 6 days and then returning for 2 and then leaving again for a weekend was not in my cards. Jeff did go, since it's one of his best buddies. They had a great time. He came home Sunday night exhausted- I am pretty sure he is done partying for a bit...

So, while he was gone the kids and I spent time at my nephew, Owen's hockey tournament. They won the whole tournament. It was so fun! My brother is the coach and he was so excited. It was fun to be a part of it. He had a pretty good cheering section. My dad even came home for the weekend from California to attend his games. 

We also spent most our weekend at Great Bear. Isaac had ski lessons on Saturday morning and did really well. He is moving up a level. Then we went back out there on Sunday evening for Mandy's birthday celebration. I took Anna tubing and Isaac went skiing with the others. It was really fun. missed having Jeff with us. 

It was a really fun weekend but I am so happy we are all back together again. 

Jeff. Shawnna. Wosje (the birthday boy)

Isaac. Grandma. Capri. Owen. Me. Grandpa. Anna. Sophia

birthday tubing.
Capri. Me. Hudson. Anna. Sullivan. Dave

ski snow ball fight?