Sunday, January 11, 2015

saturday skiing

After a week of terrible weather- early dismissal on Monday and school cancelled on Wednesday, Saturday turned out to be a great day. We planned to take both kids out to Great Bear to get more practice skiing. Isaac and Jeff had been out the week before for lessons but Anna hasn't ever been on skis 

Jeff had his skis on to help and I was just another set of hands to help wherever. Off we went. 

Anna got her skis on and she was busy busy screaming and yelling down the hill about how much fun she was having, "wee! the is the best day ever!" She loved to go super fast when Jeff would hold her between his legs. 

Isaac was doing very well. He was able to go all on his own so after a few minutes on the bunny hill. He and Jeff went to the big hill and left Anna and I to practice. I guess Isaac had a big fall on the big hill and kind of put him in a grumpy mood so they came back to practice. 

We had lunch and then went back for more and then had a snack. Then we went home. It went really well. I think Jeff was surprised at how well Anna did and how much fun she had. 

ready to go

Jeff and the kids

little natural

hitting the slopes

family selfie