Wednesday, January 28, 2015

100 year old pajamas

As Catholic Schools Week continues today the school was dressing in pajamas. However, Isaac's class was dressing as 100 year olds and celebrating the 100th day of school. So Anna wore pajamas and Isaac dressed like his great grandpa Wally. Fun day for the kids. Anna kept her pajamas on all day for our playdate with friends.

100 year old Isaac

Anna in her favorite bones pajamas
Isaac dressed like a 100 year old

Russell Wilson and Elsa go on a date

ironing in her pajamas. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

picnic lunch

This week is Catholic Schools Week. The kids are having lots of fun activities and fun dress down days. Today all the parents and family members were invited to have a picnic lunch. Jeff, Anna and I all went. It's always fun to see Isaac around his buddies. 

Pretty good hot dogs... 

Jace. Isaac. Rylan. Caleb

family pic

weekend fun

About 2 months before Jeff and I were planning on going on our Bahamas trip Jeff's buddy informed him that they were going to go to Vegas for his 40th- the very next weekend after we got home. I immediately said there is no way I wanted to pull that off. As much fun as this group is being gone 6 days and then returning for 2 and then leaving again for a weekend was not in my cards. Jeff did go, since it's one of his best buddies. They had a great time. He came home Sunday night exhausted- I am pretty sure he is done partying for a bit...

So, while he was gone the kids and I spent time at my nephew, Owen's hockey tournament. They won the whole tournament. It was so fun! My brother is the coach and he was so excited. It was fun to be a part of it. He had a pretty good cheering section. My dad even came home for the weekend from California to attend his games. 

We also spent most our weekend at Great Bear. Isaac had ski lessons on Saturday morning and did really well. He is moving up a level. Then we went back out there on Sunday evening for Mandy's birthday celebration. I took Anna tubing and Isaac went skiing with the others. It was really fun. missed having Jeff with us. 

It was a really fun weekend but I am so happy we are all back together again. 

Jeff. Shawnna. Wosje (the birthday boy)

Isaac. Grandma. Capri. Owen. Me. Grandpa. Anna. Sophia

birthday tubing.
Capri. Me. Hudson. Anna. Sullivan. Dave

ski snow ball fight?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Bahamas 2015

This is our 4th year in a row heading somewhere warm and tropical in January. It's a great way to break up our winter. We get a little break from reality and spend time with some great people. This year we went to the Bahamas. No complaints. We had such a great time. 

The highlight of our trip was going with some of our friends who live there to a locals favorite- Rose Island. We took a boat over and spent the day enjoying the sunshine, sand, football, drinks and food. It was the perfect Sunday!

Looking forward to Jamaica in 2016!

our resort

boat day

amazing water


rose island

our fun group!

Jeff and I soaking up the sun!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

little guitar recital

Isaac had a guitar recital this afternoon and it went really well. He is so funny. The songs he wasn't confident playing he would fake it. Pretend to be playing the notes but I knew better. He did well, though. I am proud of my kiddo. 

saturday skiing

After a week of terrible weather- early dismissal on Monday and school cancelled on Wednesday, Saturday turned out to be a great day. We planned to take both kids out to Great Bear to get more practice skiing. Isaac and Jeff had been out the week before for lessons but Anna hasn't ever been on skis 

Jeff had his skis on to help and I was just another set of hands to help wherever. Off we went. 

Anna got her skis on and she was busy busy screaming and yelling down the hill about how much fun she was having, "wee! the is the best day ever!" She loved to go super fast when Jeff would hold her between his legs. 

Isaac was doing very well. He was able to go all on his own so after a few minutes on the bunny hill. He and Jeff went to the big hill and left Anna and I to practice. I guess Isaac had a big fall on the big hill and kind of put him in a grumpy mood so they came back to practice. 

We had lunch and then went back for more and then had a snack. Then we went home. It went really well. I think Jeff was surprised at how well Anna did and how much fun she had. 

ready to go

Jeff and the kids

little natural

hitting the slopes

family selfie

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!

We spent New Year's where we have spent it so many years before- middle of southern South Dakota- Dallas to be exact. It is the ultimate relaxation and the kids run free playing with all the other kids. This year there were 20 adults and 23 kids- pretty impressive. The kids hunted one afternoon while I read and took a nap. They played games- we had great meals and it was just relaxing. The perfect end to Christmas crazy. The kids don't want to leave. We have fun celebrating with friends bringing in the new year, too. 


ready to hunt

Jeff and the kids on the hunting bus


All the kids

Jeff and I after midnight.