Tuesday, December 29, 2015

De La Salle experience

It's become an annual event, now. My dad's high school basketball team comes from Minneapolis to Mitchell and Sioux falls to play in a local tournament. Isaac gets involved completely. 

Last evening we had dinner at my parents with the coach, team, Owen, Sully, Anna, Sophia and Jordan. The kids were in awe and those basketball players entertained them nonstop in a short couple of hours. 

Tonight was the when more fun happened. Owen and Isaac got to be ball boys during the final game. They go into the locker room with the team and are completely involved in all aspects of the evening- from beginning to the very end with handshakes for the other team to taking pictures with the trophy. What a hit. 

I asked Owen what they talked about in the locker room at half time and Owen said, "I don't know the coach just swears a lot." 

When we left tonight Isaac said, "mom and dad, what will you think when I go to De La Salle and I play against O'Gorman?" Uh oh. I told Jeff we should just let him believe it may happen, for now. 

The coach is so good to the kids, he invited Isaac to go to basketball camp this summer at De La Salle. We will see!

the team over for dinner

Isaac and Owen being ball boys

pregame prep

the team with the winning trophy!

Family pics in AZ

While we were in Arizona we had some family pictures taken. They turned out excellent! 

The whole group together

Jack, Patricia, Jaxson, Jace and Jordyn

My family

Kristy and Scott

Joe with all the kiddos

Another group picture

Scott and Kristy with Isaac and Anna

Jeff. Kristy. Joe. Jack

John and Linda with all the kiddos

John and Linda with their grands

Sweetest. Linda and Anna

Outlaws. Me. Scott. Patricia


Jeff and I

Sea hawk fans

Kristy and Anna- loves. 

John and Linda

Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas in Arizona

We spent a week in Arizona with Jeff's family celebrating Christmas. 

We had a great time. The weather didn't totally cooperate so the kids only got one swimming day. Otherwise when we were at the hotel we did a scavenger hunt, reading with santa, visiting santa, decorating santa hats, decorating caramel apples, and playing lawn games. 

The kids made gingerbread houses one day with Linda. They had more fun decorating than constructing them. We were thankful for Patricia, as she had the magic touch.

We spent a couple days at Jack and Patricia's house where the kids played and played. I hardly even saw them they kept so busy. 

Unfortunately, one day Anna got really sick. I ended up taking her into urgent care as I was worried she had some sort of infection and didn't want to face traveling home with a sick kiddo. As everything was ok at the Dr I am happy I took her in considering she had a temp of 104! Yucky, Thankfully it only lasted a couple of days and she was better by the time we came home. She did wake up Christmas morning upset and crying that she wasn't better and didn't want to be sick on Christmas. It broke my heart. 

While we were there everyone went out to celebrate Joe's birthday- unfortunately this was the day Anna got sick so I stayed home. But everyone else went out to Top Golf for some fun! 

The night before we left we were saying goodbye to family, Anna broke down in tears so sad and upset to leave her Arizona family. It is so hard having Jeff's family live so far from us. We are so thankful for the time we have with them. Isaac, Anna, Jaxson, Jace and now Jordyn all have so much fun together. They always pick up right where they left off every time we are together. 

Thanks for the week, Oliver family! We love you!

Christmas jammies

Oliver cousins
Isaac (7). Jace (3). Jordyn (1). Jaxson (8). Anna (5). 

John and Linda with all the kids

Anna at her favorite place- American Girl doll store

decorating Santa hats

caramel apples

lawn games

John and Linda with the kids

little golf time.
Isaac, Anna and Jaxson

Kiddos with Santa

decorating gingerbread houses with grandma

fun for everyone

finished product 

grandma in the middle

mini golf- Isaac's one request

my sick girl

Christmas selfie

pizookie champs!


Grandpa Johnny with the girls

Anna and Kristy making soup


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Anna is 5!

As I was reminiscing today of the younger years with Anna I keep feeling a jolt of reality as I realize my baby is now 5. I seriously cannot believe it. How did she turn 5 and into this beautiful, smart, funny, genuine little girl. I feel like it was yesterday going through the toddler stage of life and now she is going to be in kindergarten next year. 

We had a really fun day today. She brought snowman cookies to school today. Then, after school Suzie brought her kids over for lunch. Sullivan stayed to play. We picked Isaac up from school, then met Hudson, Capri and Owen at Build A Bear. It was Anna's one request. It was a little crazy but lots of fun. 

We came home and the kids played while I prepped for her birthday dinner with family. When everyone arrived we got into a circle around Anna and everyone told her one reason why they are thankful for her. It was very sweet. Once Anna go the hang of it she gave everyone a hug after their turn. 

I want to share couple things about Anna. My one of a kind girl. She loves her teachers and her school friends. She loves to create and make gifts for everyone in her class. One day she made a pearler bead craft for every single one of her classmates and her teacher. She also loves to bring hand written cards to her friends, teachers, cousins, grandparents, etc.

She loves to share her love. I am so lucky to be her mom. 

Cheers to 5 years, baby girl. 

Anna, Sully and Isaac

Build A Bear
Owen. Hudson. Capri. Isaac. Anna. Sully

Birthday Celebration

my 5 year old!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Family Pictures

We had family pictures taken a couple of months ago and I wanted to post some of my favorites...