Tuesday, July 22, 2014

bike ride breakthrough

So last year Isaac told us and promised us he could make it down the B & G Milkyway and back on his bike by himself. We finally gave him a shot and he made it there and about halfway home before Jeff had to rig his bike on the trailer to finish the bike ride. So we have put the whole family bike ride and Isaac on a bike to B & G on hold. 

After all the practice Isaac has done in the last 6 weeks when he asked again tonight we thought we would go for it. 

The is not a little bike ride. It is along a really busy street and it is 2 miles there and 2 miles home. 

He did it! He did really well. We kept reminding him to be aware of cars and to slow down and to pay attention. He did almost fall a couple of times and I found myself holding my breath. But he did it and he was so proud of himself!

The only bummer is that Anna doesn't have anyone to ride next to in her trailer. 


Monday, July 21, 2014

valley fair and a twins game

Jeff and I have been wanting to take the kids to a Twins game now that they are getting a little older. We headed to the cities on Friday to hit Valley Fair on the way. We arrived around 3pm and got started- no stroller- first trip without a stroller in over 6 years. 

We got on the ferris wheel and Jeff sat next to Isaac and I sat next to Anna. Isaac didn't look so good. Jeff felt him and he felt warm, crap. I didn't bring any children's drugs, how could I forget that- ha like I was planning on any of this in my trip prep. After the ferris wheel we went to the ball room and I tried to make a plan in my head while the kids were playing- Isaac seemed to be having fun. When we left the ball room we went to the rides and Isaac was not interested. This is when I knew either we take care of the problem or we are going to have a sick and sad kiddo on our hands. Jeff and Anna stayed and did rides and I took Isaac to the first aid tent. The officer working said they didn't heave any children's medicine but that I could walk down to the general store. Before we went that way I had him take his temp and sure enough it was 102 degrees. Poor kid. We walked about 10 minutes down to the general store and they only had adult pain relief- not an option. So I called Jeff and told him we were going to have to leave the park to find something and we would be back when we could. We walked across the park to the front gate and I asked someone if anyone had children's medication at the park and he told me to go to another general store. So we walked over there and they said no but gave me 2 more options. I then asked them to call the other 2 options because I was not going to make my poor sick kiddo walk all over the park with no luck. Finally, one place had some! One place in the whole park with most of its population being kids had kids medicine. I don't get it. We were happy to buy the $15 small bottle of advil for my sick kid. We sat on the step and let it kick in and then went to meet Anna and Jeff at the ice cream stop. The rest of  the afternoon was fun, bumper cars, character drawings and more time in the ball room. Jeff even went on a couple roller coasters. 

We went to the hotel to get settled- our new favorite hotel is the Embassy Suites. The kids get their own room and we get our own room and they love running races around the big circle. We time them and its great. 

Saturday morning we were up and off to the Mall of America. We did some shopping and Anna got to experience the American Girl store and she picked out her own doll. She was happy. After lunch Jeff took the kids to see the Ninja Turtles - always a favorite for Isaac and I got to do some of my own shopping. Then we went back to the hotel to get changed and headed back to the mall to catch the light rail. 

The game was really fun! We had hot dogs, pretzels, ice cream, peanuts, etc. The kids got their faces painted and Isaac was hoping to catch a foul ball. It was busy but we had fun. 

Sunday morning we met Isaac's old school friend who moved to Minneapolis from Sioux Falls. He asked me to call her mom once he found out she lived there for sure. So we met for lunch on Sunday and the kids were so happy to see each other. 

We had a great weekend. Love my family!

ball room

character drawing

family selfie

ball fight between anna/jeff and isaac

hotel races
american girl doll success

baseball game

face painting

waiting for the foul ball!


My sister, Liz got engaged! I am so excited for her and Matt! Let the wedding planning begin!

my sister and her fiancé!

bike rides to the school

There is a new school that has been open for just a year that is about a half mile from our house. Now that Isaac is so good on his bike we have been taking full advantage of the beautiful evenings and heading out for family bike rides to the school to use the playground and basketball court. Usually when we are finished with dinner Isaac will ask if we can go over there and play some ball, do obstacle courses, test out the monkey bars, and just play. There is also a football field and a track over there.

Last week we got there and Jeff was with Anna so I took Isaac on a one on one game of basketball. It was really fun (even though he fouls all the time). I got some good exercise and we had fun as a family.  These are the experiences I want my kids to have as memories when they get older- our family being together as a family doing family fun things. I feel we are off to a good start. 

bball game

jeff and the kids playing

Sunday, July 13, 2014

posting letters

If you live within a few miles of our house and you are on Anna's mind chances are we have dropped a letter or 2 off at your front step. Anna loves to write cards to people, put them in envelopes, write their name on them and deliver them to your home- she calls it posting letters. 

She scribbles her info on one side and has Jeff or I (and sometimes Isaac) write who it's to and from Anna. Then we put it in the envelope and do the same thing on the front of the envelope. When we deliver them she goes to the front door and puts them at the door and leaves. We have done so many of these we had to go buy more cards from the store- this time we got a 100 pack.

If you are home when she delivers it she will ask to open the card for you and she will read it to you. Today she said to my mom, "Dear Grandma, I like you a lot."

She loves it. Isaac does, too. I sure hope those people who are receiving them love it, too. It sure puts a smile on my face watching her do this for important people in her life. 

delivering cards to Aunt Lizzie

Hanging with Grandpa after delivering cards.
He took them to the park!

4th of july

We had so much fun on the 4th of July. Jack, Patricia, Jaxson and Jace were here from Arizona and Joe, Amy and Ellie came too. Full house with lots of kids! We spent our time playing on the water, playing at the park, mini golfing, tubing, letting off fireworks, letting off lanterns, bon fires, etc. 

Thanks Grandpa Johnny and Grandma Linda for hosting all the fun!

Isaac and Jaxson

mini golf with these kids

my loves


obstacle corses


4th of July swimming suits

sunset boat ride

sun god


date night

4th of july

bon fiers

roller coaster- anna was super freaked

boats. Anna and Jace

back flips on the trampoline!

Jaxson and Anna

Jaxson-Isaac-Grandpa Johnny

Tubing- Isaac=faster! Jaxson=slower!

kinderkamp for anna

Anna had her chance at camp this summer, as well. She went to kinderkamp and had so much fun! They met at the park every morning where they played games, sang songs, did crafts, and went swimming. She loved packing her lunch just like Isaac did the week before- she had to have a Lunchable every day, too. Everyday I picked her up she was happy to see me and couldn't wait to go back the next day. She went Monday- Thursday 10am-3pm.

When I picked her up after the first day she had a big owie on her face. She had fallen when they were walking back from the playground. It sounded like she got her feet tangled up with another little girl. The counselors said she was upset but didn't cry too much. My brave little girl. 

We are so proud of her. 

1st morning of camp

All set to play!

Big owie- brave Anna