Sunday, June 29, 2014

collecting cards

Isaac mentioned to Jeff a little while ago about how he wanted to have somewhere to collect baseball/football cards. Jeff jumped at the chance to show Isaac his collection and get Isaac his own binder to collect. They laid on the floor in Isaac's room for a long time on Saturday going through different cards and talking about them. 

It is really fun watching them. 


It took Isaac until this year- 6 years old to get brave enough to jump off the dock at the lake. We have asked him for the last couple of years to jump and he just wasn't ready. Now he is ready! He jumps off everything! Here are some pics of him jumping off the dock and the boat a couple of times. He thinks it is the best… finally! Notice, he cover his nose with one hand and his eyes with the other. Funny kid. 

dock jumping!

Boat jumping!

more boat jumping!

camp foster and some girl time

Isaac spent the whole week going to camp last week at the lake. He rode the bus everyday to and from camp and came home everyday with new songs and stories of the different activities he had done during the day. By the end of the week he was not ready to be done. He loved his counselors, Steph and Sideburns (Baily). He can wait to go back next year! Next year he can spend the entire week there- we will see if he is up for that.

While he was at camp I hung out with my friend Ellen. We took the little girls to get pedicures, swimming, napping, etc. Anna even got a hair cut from her 2 year old friend, oops! We had such a fun relaxing week and the weather was perfecto!

bus to camp with Anna saying bye

There he goes

Isaac and his counselors
little hair cut in the middle of her head

swimming girls

wine and inter tubes


tired kids

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

father's day tradition (2014)

We have established a Father's Day tradition and it seems to be working just right. 

We went to the lake for the weekend only to experience mostly rain. 

We spent an afternoon at the indoor water park with Isaac's old school friend who moved away. It was wonderful. The smile on their faces and the giggles coming from them was pretty awesome. We then went to the local brewery and the kids played Jenga with giant pieces. They had fun, we had a few beers- life was good. 

On Father's day we hung with Jeff's parents most the morning and then we went and played mini golf (Isaac's most favorite thing to do). It is safe to say Isaac beat Jeff, and he was really excited about it. We stopped for ice cream quick then went back to the cabin to pack up. We got back to Sioux Falls and met my family for a picnic and swimming. 

It was a pretty perfect day. Happy Father's Day!

father's day mini golfing 
Jeff. John. Isaac. Anna 
my parents and all their grandkids

my daddio and me. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

special visitor

Kristy came all the way from Arizona to celebrate Jeff's birthday- awesome! The kids didn't know she was in town until we got home on Sunday night. We picked them up and she was in the back of our car. I saw a couple shy smiles excited to see her. It was fun having her around for the evening and most of the day on Monday. She and kids played play doh, games, hide and go seek. She is so good to the kids. Always giving them her undivided attention. 

Thank you!

special visitor

cheers to 40 years!

We had a big birthday celebration for Jeff on Saturday night for Jeff's 40th! 

It took a little planning and many prayers for dry weather. It was beautiful on Friday and Sunday but Saturday it was rainy, cool and windy. We originally planned to have a party by the water but as Saturday went on and the wind didn't die down we changed locations to the garage. By the time we went on the water the sun was peeking through and the boat driver found us a really calm location. 

We rented the bigfoot party barge and they took us on a booze cruise from 8-10pm. When we got back we partied until the early morning hours. We danced, sang, ate, laughed, and celebrated the best guy!

I am sure it is safe to say, we all had a great time. We had so much fun with all our friends and family. Having all our friends and family travel to spend the night with us meant more than anything. 

Thank you! Let's do it again- in 10 years!

coozies for all

celebrating my guy

heading out on the party barge!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

cleanings, cavities, root canals. oh my!

Man, this summer is going to be the summer of dental work between Isaac and I. 

I was having some tooth pain a couple weeks ago right before my girls trip to Dallas and wanted to get to the bottom of it ASAP before I left town so it wouldn't ruin my trip. The next thing I know I was at the endodontist getting a double root canal. I had to finish up the root canals this morning and now I have 4 more appointments at my dentist for a new crown on one of the root canals and a crown on a lower cracked tooth that we discovered at the endodontist. It is zero fun.

Meanwhile, Isaac and Anna had a dental appointment and Anna did awesome (my sugar addict) and Isaac had 6 cavities! He has gone in once for one round of fillings and has to go back in next week for another round of fillings.

We will both be happy when this is all done. 

Isaac getting not so good news

numb face

Happy 40th, Jeff!

I cannot believe he is 40! This is a big deal. 40 years old. It is a really good thing he married a younger gal to keep him young, ha!

We spent most of the day lounging, due to way too much fun the night before. We did take the kids to a movie and went to dinner at Fuddruckers with Suzie's family and my parents. It was really low key, but that is ok. We have a big party planned this weekend at the lake. 

We love you, Jeff! Happy Birthday to the best daddy and husband in the whole wide world! We are so lucky to have you. You make everything awesome in our world. 

family birthday pic

my best friends wedding

My long time best friend, Sonia got married on Saturday! We have been good friends for years. She has been anxiously waiting to meet her match and she got him! They had the most beautiful wedding and I was lucky to be by her side the entire day. I met her at 9am at the hair salon and got to help her get ready and do pictures for most of the day. I couldn't be more happy for her. She looked amazing. What a fun day to celebrate with her and so many of my favorite people!

Sonia and I on her wedding day