Thursday, December 4, 2014

ThrowbackThursday- 10 years together

It all happened roughly 10 years ago. I had been kinda sorta hunting Jeff out in a round about way. I had a friend who was out with him and wanted to meet up with them. Since my girlfriend, Sonia, backed out it was either going to be me meeting the guys out alone or me staying in for the night. I chose to go out. I met them at The Ground Round- where they had been watching football most of the day. We spent a little time there and then we made our way to a favorite spot- The Gold Rush. Jeff was on fire that night. So outgoing and funny and making me feel like I was the star of the night. All these one liner, making everyone laugh. It was fun!

We connected about 4 days later for dinner, then the next weekend I went with him and a mutual friend to the casino. 

That was it. There ware no games, no chase, we just enjoyed each others company and had a lot of similar friends and interests. 

Fast forward to September and he proposed- less than 9 months later. The rest is history!

10 years ago in Deadwood for NYE.