Sunday, December 28, 2014

De La Salle basketball team

Every year the De La Salle basketball team comes to play in the Mike Miller basketball tournament. De La Salle is my dad's high school in the cities- since my dad is an alum he has the team over for dinner. We were able to be there tonight with them. Isaac was in heaven, Anna got comfortable after a bit and was trying to play tag with them. They are all really great players with college basketball future- one kid signed with NDSU and another with the University of Minnesota. They are super tall, too.  We will take Isaac to the game tomorrow night and he gets to sit on the court with the team. Lucky kid!

hanging with the Islanders

my dad and kids with the team
Update: Tonight we went to the game and Isaac got to sit on the bench and be a part of all the excitement. Bring the guys water, giving fist pumps and high fives. What a great night for a 6 year old!

Isaac and the coach after the game

Isaac and the team with their trophy