Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Cookies

So it started last week with a phone call to Suzie asking if she wanted to bake some Christmas cookies on Saturday since Dave was going to be working and I knew she would want something to happen to make the day tick a little faster. Then my mom got in on it and then we invited a couple more cousins and it turned out to be a big Saturday event!

We made 2 different kinds of cookies- spritzes and peanut butter blossoms. The kids help- just a little. They spent most of the day playing while I (mom and suz a little) baked. Suzie had her hands full with her kids and mom was busy trying to help with the other kids and help me. Someone had to keep the ball rolling

Jeff came over after lunch and was my baking assistant. 


kids unwrapping the kisses- maybe sneaking a few in their mouths

grandma and kiddos 

all the kids 

spritz queen- me

Anna and Sully decorating

my little helper