Monday, December 1, 2014

black friday sledding

Instead of Black Friday shopping this year the kids and I went Black Friday sledding. We met our friends, Lisa and Ellen at Spellerberg and spent an hour running up and down the hill sledding away. The kids had so much fun. Anna stuck by me the whole time and wasn't quite ready to go by herself down the hill. It was pretty sweet every time we would push down the hill she would strong hold my legs with her little fingers and giggle the whole way down. She said about 10 times, "this is the best day, ever!" Isaac was off with his buddies going down facing forward and facing backwards, going on his tummy and his back. He loved it! What a fun activity. Then on our way home we stopped by Starbucks and got some hot chocolate and some snowman sugar cookies. 

So fun!


group pic. 3 moms. 9 kids.
(kid ages 2-8)

Anna banana

thumbs up from Isaac