Sunday, December 28, 2014

De La Salle basketball team

Every year the De La Salle basketball team comes to play in the Mike Miller basketball tournament. De La Salle is my dad's high school in the cities- since my dad is an alum he has the team over for dinner. We were able to be there tonight with them. Isaac was in heaven, Anna got comfortable after a bit and was trying to play tag with them. They are all really great players with college basketball future- one kid signed with NDSU and another with the University of Minnesota. They are super tall, too.  We will take Isaac to the game tomorrow night and he gets to sit on the court with the team. Lucky kid!

hanging with the Islanders

my dad and kids with the team
Update: Tonight we went to the game and Isaac got to sit on the bench and be a part of all the excitement. Bring the guys water, giving fist pumps and high fives. What a great night for a 6 year old!

Isaac and the coach after the game

Isaac and the team with their trophy

my little baller

Isaac is loving basketball this year. Getting better week after week. This week they got to play at the Pentagon- where the Skyforce play. They got to have endless gatorade and they announced the game and announced the players over the loud speaker. Isaac has been looking forward to this for weeks. He actually played pretty amazing- scoring 8 baskets! He had quite the cheering section- my Mom, Dad, Suzie, Dave, Sullivan, Greta, Anna, Jeff, Mandy, Alex, Owen, Capri and myself. He was loving life! 

Jeff did video the game and is working on his video editing and recording skills. 

Here is the link to the video:

grocery store meltdown

perler beads

Craft of the year with this kiddo is perler beads. He did them at a school party last year, made Valentine's, Christmas ornaments, animals, initials, and anything you can think of. He loves to do them and I love to help. 

teaching them a lesson

Isaac and Anna both received some money for Christmas. Jeff and I told them they could donate $10 to a charity in Sioux Falls. My parents are big supports of Feeding South Dakota so Jeff suggested that and they both decided they would donate to them. 

I had Isaac go in and give his money to them and he was nervous and was shy but then he told them he wanted to donate and the woman told him that the $10 he donates will be used for 50 meals for kids in our community who don't have food. Anna didn't know really what was going on and just put her money on the counter- oh well she will understand someday. We will be doing this every year to educate them. 

Christmas with the Connellys

We had Christmas with my family on Christmas day evening. It was fun and we love spending time with each other. We had great food and delicious dessert - homemade fried ice cream. The kids opened presents and we played more games. We are teaching the Connelly family all about sequence and now the kids play it more than the adults. Times are a changing. 

happy kiddo

GG is getting so big!

Sophia and my mom- she is getting so big! 

Liz. Me. Mom. Suzie


Kids playing sequence 

Christmas Morning

Isaac woke us up at 6am. So early. 

We walked upstairs to find some goodies from Santa- Foosball table and and xbox for Isaac and some legos and American Girl dolls stuff for Anna. They were both so excited and said they heard Santa in the night. They got all kinds of goodies, lucky kids. 

We opened all our presents and spent the rest of the morning putting things together and hanging out. I tried to take a nap but no go with the excitement in the house. It was a great morning. 

opening presents

new jersey

doll house stuff

Christmas Eve

Christmas Even morning Jeff worked and the kids and I worked on some crafts. We got the house cleaned up and had a great morning. I got the kids ready for church before Jeff got home and had a little photo session in their Christmas church clothes- adorable.

After Church we went to my brothers for dinner and games. It was really relaxing and fun- we all had a great time. 

We came home and opened a few presents from our family in Arizona and Iowa. The kids loved all their gifts. We had a family sleep over downstairs and the kids were so so excited. 

ready for church

Ozzy and the kids

Dinner with Alex, Mandy and Nancy


more games

kids in their pajamas
Isaac. Owen.Sophia.Anna.Capri

Owen and Isaac

Ice Sakting

My brother and his family rented out the skating rink last week one day and invited us to come for the morning. We arrived and it was a bit much for me at first with both kids clinging onto me for safety. Isaac got the hang of it and was off cruising and was even skating without his red thing before we left. Anna didn't want to be alone for more than 2 seconds. We were on the ice for 2 hours. The kids had so much fun! Anna loved it and especially loved it when Alex took her for a fast lap. She giggled the whole time. It was a great morning activity!

Anna and Sophia

Cappy and Isaac

Owen and Anna

kiddos and me

kids. Anna holding on tight

Alex and Anna

My dad
Anna. Isaac. Cappy

Dad. Owen. Alex.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

wrapping presents

The Children's Inn has a booth at the mall every year to wrap presents as a fund raiser. We volunteer our time to wrap gifts for shoppers and they give a donation to the Children's Inn. They sent an email out about 6 weeks ago asking for volunteers. I sent a message out asap to the ladies in my family and today was our day. We worked from 1-3 and were busy. Wow, we didn't have much downtime. It was a great way to hang out and do good for our community. It will definitely happen again in the future. 


Christmas Cookies

So it started last week with a phone call to Suzie asking if she wanted to bake some Christmas cookies on Saturday since Dave was going to be working and I knew she would want something to happen to make the day tick a little faster. Then my mom got in on it and then we invited a couple more cousins and it turned out to be a big Saturday event!

We made 2 different kinds of cookies- spritzes and peanut butter blossoms. The kids help- just a little. They spent most of the day playing while I (mom and suz a little) baked. Suzie had her hands full with her kids and mom was busy trying to help with the other kids and help me. Someone had to keep the ball rolling

Jeff came over after lunch and was my baking assistant. 


kids unwrapping the kisses- maybe sneaking a few in their mouths

grandma and kiddos 

all the kids 

spritz queen- me

Anna and Sully decorating

my little helper


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Anna!

And now she is 4?! What the heck happened to the last 4 years? 

She has grown up and is such a kind, bright, happy, sweet, dramatic, silly, genuine, timid (sometimes), beautiful, expressive little girl. 

We had a really fun day planned- started out with one of her all time favorite activities- kindermusik. She loves Miss Becky so much. Then we went with Jeff to lunch at Fuddruckers. We had cookies and strawberry shakes. We got her awesome cake and then picked Isaac up from school and they played and hung out until some cousins came to play. We had a birthday party last night with my family- we really missed the Oliver family this year. 

She told me last night right before she went to bed; "today was the best day, ever!"

A few of Anna's favorite things right now:
  • Doll house
  • Ozzy
  • Mom, Dad, Isaac
  • Kindermusik
  • Ballet
  • Going to grandmas
  • playing with her cousins
  • My Litte Ponies
  • Legos
  • School and school friends


I can't even begin to describe my love for you. It grows so much each and every day. You are the most sweetest girl that has been put into my life. You tell me daily how much you love me and how beautiful I am. I do not even know how I got so lucky. I cant wait to see how much fun we have this year!


Anna and Miss Becky 

Anna and her best brother

Anna and her mommy

Anna with her daddy

Frozen Cake

so proud of his Birthday gift for Anna

Family picture

Christmas Concerts

Last Friday both kids had their Christmas Concert. Anna's was in the morning and Isaac's was in the afternoon. They both did awesome and sang their little hearts out. 

Isaac got to ring the bells for Jingle Bells, as well. He was pretty darn proud of himself. 

I'm loving each and every day with these 2- life is so much fun!

proud Anna

Looking good!

Isaac ringing the bells

good looking group of kindergartners.