Wednesday, November 26, 2014

shop til we drop!

Suzie and I planned our shopping weekend back in August. It is amazing how fast it came up. We had big goals and I am pretty sure we hit them! We left Sioux Falls on Friday morning at 9 and arrived in Minneapolis at 1pm. We hit the ground running and marked items off our list. We stayed at the Radison Blue which is connected to the Mall of America. This made things so much easier as we didn't have to lug coats and bags all over the mall. We were able to go back to the hotel room for the bathroom and a quick break front the crazy busy mall. We shopped all weekend.

It was fun, sis! Love having the one on one time with you. We sure know how to divide and conquer, together. We know each others expectations and get our shopping ambition from our mother- who once taught us how to spend an entire day in the Mall of America- when we were in junior high. Thanks mom!

Thank Jeff for hanging with the kids all weekend! They went to a Disney show, Isaac's basketball game and a Skyforce game. They were busy. Thanks for being the best husband and daddy. I am the lucky one. 

I can't wait for another shopping trip!

our theme for the weekend

twin selfie

kids at home keep Jeff company

Saturday, November 15, 2014

date night- garth brooks style

2 years ago this weekend Jeff and I were supposed to be in Las Vegas for a Garth Brooks concert- it didn't happen as my grandma passed away and we had to cancel the trip. Fast forward to about a month ago when Garth Brooks announced he was going be in Minneapolis. I got a glimmer of excitement but it quickly faded as life has been so crazy lately. The thought of getting out of town for a night didn't seem possible. 

Then Jeff gets a wild hair as he sometimes does and told me he got 2 tickets to the show! My mind started racing, trying to find a sitter and working out details in my head. I couldn't sleep thinking about how hard it was going to be to pull it off. 

I found 2 sitters to split the overnight job. Jeff and I left on Friday afternoon and got ready for our evening. We went to dinner and then had dessert and drinks near the venue. The concert didn't start until 11 and lasted until about 2am. When Garth came on stage I was filled with emotion. I was remembering how bummed I was that we had to cancel our last trip and so happy to be there and to share the moment with Jeff. 

It is so crazy how life has such a way of always working itself out. 

Thank you, Jeff. Thank you for keeping life so fun. Thanks for being my best friend. Thank for wanting to hang with me so much. I am seriously the luckiest girl in the world. We have so much fun together. 

date night with the

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Last weekend I tagged along with Jeff and some friends and headed to Arizona for a little college football. We spent all day tailgating at the ASU stadium and went to the game. Notre Dame lost, but it was still an absolute blast! It was the most perfect day. 

We were able to see Kristy and Scott Friday night. We also got to meet our brand new niece, Jordyn. She was born on Thursday, November 6th. She is so sweet. We spent some time with Jack, Patricia, Jaxson, Jace, Jordyn, John and Linda on Sunday evening. 

It was a quick weekend and always so much fun!

my roommates for the weekend.

Jeff and I in front of the stadium

group pic after the game.

Jeff and I with Jordyn.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Angel of the Week

our crazy halloween!

I didn't sleep very well on the eve of halloween. I woke up feeling like a terrible mother since I totally spaced off pumpkin carving- jeez. I knew I was going to be crazy busy on Friday with Anna's school party in the morning and Isaac's in the afternoon and I didn't know how we would find the time to carve a dang pumpkin. 

So Halloween morning after the kids went to school I got myself ready and left for Anna's party a little early to check the pumpkin carving kits at Target. I found a couple goodies and was off to her school party. 

She was the cutest little bumble bee. Very pleasant and happy girl at school. She would come over to me to say hi and to see what I was doing, besides that she just played at the different stations. She is the very youngest in the class so I do feel proud of how well she is doing. 

After Anna's class party we went home and I got started on Isaac's pumpkin because I knew he not only wanted to carve if but wanted to get the seeds and guts out. So I cut off the top and pulled a few seeds out so it was ready for him. Then I showed Anna what I got her for her pumpkin- Mr Potato Head stuff- boy this was a hit! She thought it was the best thing since chocolate milk!

I dropped Anna off at Jeff's work and went back to school for Isaac's party. It was so fun being in his room. Ugh, talk about a great group of kids! We were very busy the whole time. I hardly even had time to take his picture but I got one of him and his buddy, Rylan. Later I asked Isaac what his favorite part of the party was and he said, "my favorite part of the party was having you there." I seriously got immediate tears in my eyes. I can't even explain how much I love this kid. 

We came home from school and carved the pumpkin and got ready to go to my brothers to eat dinner and then go trick or treating. It was cold out- super cold. The kids did great- Anna and I came home early to warm up and hand out treats and Isaac and Jeff followed shortly after. 

It was a busy, wonderful day. 

school party- craft

school party- wrapped like a mummy

Anna's class

Isaac and his buddy, Rylan

carving the pumpkin

Our pumpkins

heading out!

trick or treating


All done and ready for bed in their bones pajamas.