Tuesday, October 14, 2014

missing teeth

Isaac has had a really wiggly tooth the last couple of weeks. I encouraged Jeff to pull it while they were gone and of course Isaac wouldn't let him near it. So when they got home and I saw that tooth just hanging in his mouth. I did some negotiating and he let me at it. It took one little pull and it was out of there- the tiny little tooth. I am sure it was the first tooth he got over 6 years ago and back then it seemed so big. Crazy how fast life is happening. So he cried at first about the tiny amount of blood then he got mad at me because he wanted to go to school the next day with his dangling tooth to show his friends. Then he got over it really fast when it was time to put under his pillow. 

The tooth fairy came and he raced into my room Monday morning to tell me. I asked him if he heard her in the night and he said, "yeah, I heard a little sparkle." I melted a little.


first lost tooth! Age 6 1/2

fun sticker from his teacher.