Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy 99th Birthday, grandpa!

After school on Wednesday we headed west for Mitchell. It was my grandpa's 99th birthday and there was no better opportunity for a visit.

My mom and her siblings and a couple other family members were going to have dinner that evening so the kids and I wanted to pop in quick and leave before the party started. We arrived around 4:30 with balloons in hand. My grandpa was so happy to see us- he perked right up and was very chatty. I can't believe how well he knows me and my kids- he doesn't see us very often and after all, he is 99. 

So the kids explored the house finding pens and highlighters as colors to color grandpa pictures of balloons, pumpkins, etc. I was able to chat with my grandpa a little bit and help my mom prepare for the party. 

Everyone showed up around 6 and we packed up to come home. Both the kids gave their great grandpa a big hug and told him, "happy birthday!" I heard Isaac tell him, "please live just a little longer." Isaac really wants him to make it to 100. Love it!

What a great afternoon. 

birthday balloons

grandpa in his chair

my kids with their great grandpa on his 99th birthday.