Monday, October 27, 2014

fall in St Louis

I stepped out of my own world for the weekend in flew into another world. My girlfriend lost her husband about a year ago very tragically in a car accident. She was pregnant with her 3rd child at the time of the accident. Suzie has made several trips to be with her and I have been wanting to go with Suzie but our schedules never matched up, so I went alone.

As soon as they picked me up from the airport I felt like I slid into a position to help with her kids and to just hang out and have a girls weekend. The weather was gorgeous- so we spent most of the weekend outside playing with neighbor kids. On Sunday there was an annual run in her community- a firehouse run. We ran/walked (as well as we could with 3 little kids) and about 20 people in her neighborhood ran as well and we all had headbands on in honor of her husband, Team Dave. What an emotional experience.

I am in awe with her. She is amazing- an amazing mom, showing so much patience and love for her sweet kiddos. The year she has had is unimaginable. She is the definition of strength.

I want to go back, again and again.

fall in St Louis

Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy 99th Birthday, grandpa!

After school on Wednesday we headed west for Mitchell. It was my grandpa's 99th birthday and there was no better opportunity for a visit.

My mom and her siblings and a couple other family members were going to have dinner that evening so the kids and I wanted to pop in quick and leave before the party started. We arrived around 4:30 with balloons in hand. My grandpa was so happy to see us- he perked right up and was very chatty. I can't believe how well he knows me and my kids- he doesn't see us very often and after all, he is 99. 

So the kids explored the house finding pens and highlighters as colors to color grandpa pictures of balloons, pumpkins, etc. I was able to chat with my grandpa a little bit and help my mom prepare for the party. 

Everyone showed up around 6 and we packed up to come home. Both the kids gave their great grandpa a big hug and told him, "happy birthday!" I heard Isaac tell him, "please live just a little longer." Isaac really wants him to make it to 100. Love it!

What a great afternoon. 

birthday balloons

grandpa in his chair

my kids with their great grandpa on his 99th birthday.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

missing teeth

Isaac has had a really wiggly tooth the last couple of weeks. I encouraged Jeff to pull it while they were gone and of course Isaac wouldn't let him near it. So when they got home and I saw that tooth just hanging in his mouth. I did some negotiating and he let me at it. It took one little pull and it was out of there- the tiny little tooth. I am sure it was the first tooth he got over 6 years ago and back then it seemed so big. Crazy how fast life is happening. So he cried at first about the tiny amount of blood then he got mad at me because he wanted to go to school the next day with his dangling tooth to show his friends. Then he got over it really fast when it was time to put under his pillow. 

The tooth fairy came and he raced into my room Monday morning to tell me. I asked him if he heard her in the night and he said, "yeah, I heard a little sparkle." I melted a little.


first lost tooth! Age 6 1/2

fun sticker from his teacher.

Notre Dame Weekend- the boys

I’ve (Jeff) always wanted to take Isaac to Notre Dame Stadium. So this summer I decided that this would be the year. I picked the North Carolina game and set the wheels in motion to get this done.  We didn’t let Isaac know until right before we left for the game.

Isaac and I took a flight to Chicago on Thursday night and then I drove to the hotel 10 miles from Notre Dame Stadium as Isaac slept. The next day we got up and headed to the stadium to get a tour. We got to go into the locker room, see and touch the “PLAY LIKE A CHAMPION TODAY” sign and I got to soak up the history of Notre Dame Football. My Favorite part of the Day was being able to go onto the football field. We got our pictures taken and I got to play catch with Isaac on the field.  This was a really special moment for me and I know someday Isaac will realize how special it really was.  

Next we headed to Bookstore and got some ND gear for the whole family. After that we had lunch and then found a spot to play some football on the campus.  We played a game and then just threw the football around. Next we headed to the Golden Dome to watch the ND band play what they call the “Trumpets under the Dome” and then the whole band marches to the Pavilion for the Pep Rally. We followed suit throwing around the football the whole way. After the Pep Rally we went and watched the defending National Champion Men’s Soccer team play Louisville. What a GREAT DAY!

Game Day, we got up and had breakfast at Bob Evans and then headed to the Stadium. The first thing we did was hit the Notre Dame experience where we saw the Leprechaun and played some games. After that we headed over to watch the players walk over to the stadium. While we waited for the players we played some catch with the football. After we saw the team walk over and Isaac got some high fives from the players we played some more catch with the football.
Game Time, Isaac loved all the music that they played. He loved cheering on the Irish and giving high fives to all those around us.  Isaac got to experience some of the traditions that they do during game time, doing what I will call the Fighting Irish stance dance. Also, raising your finger in the air rotating it in a circle yelling ooooooh before kicks offs and then yell IRISH when the ball is kicked. Isaac also got to experience what the students section does when the Irish score, getting lifted in the air as a plank for as many points as the Irish have.  Final Score 50-43, Irish WIN.  What an AWESOME DAY! We had a Great time and it was everything I imagined it would be and more!

at the airport in Sioux Falls

tour of the stadium- football field

football field

playing catch on the field

Locker room

locker room

locker room

touching the sign

tour of the field

playing catch

soccer game

game day

ND experience

ND experience

giving the players high fives

at the game

planks- up and down

number 1!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

family pictures 2014

While we were in California last week we took family pictures and I love them. I wanted to share my favorites. 

tiny dancer

my ballerina

monkey see. monkey do

So as I am gathering being a mom to a kindergartner these kiddos are getting these art assignments monthly. His teacher sends home something for him to cut out and decorate however they want. So far we have had an apple, gingerbread man and a piece of candy. This project is meant to be done with parents help. So away we go- but there is a catch. Anna wants one, too. 

So as soon as I see what the project is I have to trace around Isaac's for Anna to work on. She is totally into it. I feel like I have to give Isaac a few extra pushes to work on art, but not Anna. It's cute to see the ideas they come up with and how different they each turn out to be. 

gingerbread men

Isaac's candy is on top. Anna's is on bottom.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Anna's Artwork


A lot has changed in 6 weeks. Before Anna started preschool she would color in coloring books and be so far outside the lines- just scribble everywhere. She has gotten better and better with coloring in the lines. Then today she came in and wanted to do a puppet show and brought me 2 puppets she drew (pictures below). I can't even believe how much she has developed up in this area. She can draw the bodies, face, arms, legs and even eyes and sometime a mouth. I am totally impressed.



Anna's family
Isaac and Anna holding hands (melt my heart). Daddy, mommy (holding hands) and ozzy