Sunday, September 7, 2014

little soccer star

Anna had her first soccer experience yesterday. She was so fun to watch. She followed direction in the practice portion, being very careful to do everything correctly. Then when it was game time she just stood there and watched everything go by right in front of her. She didn't get near the ball. After some encouragement from the coach she tip toed into the action. A few minutes later she got caught in the action and ended up falling- big big tears. The coach carried her to the sideline where Jeff went to see how she was doing. She wanted to come sit with me. After a few minutes I encouraged her to back on the field. She did, but I had to be right by her side. I left after a couple more minutes. She braved it and got back out there for the rest of the game. 

She is the only 3 year old on the team, everyone else is 4 and 5. 

So adorable. So sweet. So timid. So gentle. So brave. 

I can't wait to see her soccer future develop. 

quick pic before the game

kicking the ball!

post game meeting