Monday, September 29, 2014

California 2014

We just returned from one of the best vacations ever!

We had plans to go to Coronado for awhile and every time we go I contact my girlfriend who lives in Huntington Beach. This time I told her my dates and she said another good friend was going to be there at the same time. We all coordinated our dates and ended up spending the first half of our trip in Newport Beach with the 2 other families. We rented a home right on the beach. The second half of our vacation was spent in Coronado. 

Newport was so relaxing and fun and such a great chance to connect with longtime friends. Our kids are all close enough in age they were able to keep each other very busy most of the time. Another friend who lives in LA came for a day and I haven't seen her in years so it was great to see her, too. 

Coronado was amazing, as usual. This time we vowed to not leave the island (except for family pictures we booked months ago). We followed our plans and spent the whole time on the beach and in the pool- and one morning renting bikes to cruise around the island. 

The kids had a great time. We had a great time as a family. The kids slept pretty well and we never woke up super early like years in the passed. When Isaac would sneak into our room in the morning I was ready to get up. 

I cannot wait to go back. 

professional travelers

first stop- beach 
Jeff and Anna playing in the ocean

Longtime friends.

burying Joe

Isaac gets buried

Joe entertaining the kids

(all born within 4 months)

coronado pool prep!

underwater anna banana

sweetest smiles

they do love each other

underwater nose plugger

higher daddy!

moo time ice-cream

morning painting session

family bike

family bike-coronado bridge in the background

beach day-everyday

happy girl

catching the waves

spelling his name

building sand castles

loving life!


higher daddy!

early morning seashell hunt

planning their mission

walking to the dog beach

my boy and me

family selfie