Wednesday, September 3, 2014

8 is great

Whether we go on a weekend away or spend the day packing up and getting take out with the kids, it's still a great day, especially when you are celebrating being married for 8 years! We didn't have anything planned except for coming home from the lake and Isaac had guitar. Which I tried to change last minute and get a sitter but we cancelled due to the head cold and cough that has taken over our family. So we just had some wings and then splurged with some blizzards from DQ. The kids loved the opportunity to celebrate and get some goodies. Jeff snuck in a quick stop at the florist to bring me some roses. He always finds a way to spoil me. Life is good. We are happy and healthy, we have 2 beautiful kids. We can't ask for more. Looking forward to many more.

celebrating 8 years

family selfie celebration

beautiful roses

decorating the Christmas tree