Thursday, August 28, 2014

school mode

It is so crazy how much life totally changes once school is back on. This year is a total new experience for us- having Isaac in school all day everyday and having Anna in school three mornings a week.

When they are both in school I try to discipline myself to go straight to the gym and then home for a quick shower. This usually gives myself an hour to do something for me. 

Anna and I have so much time together- one on one. If it were up to her we would be going to get our nails painted, shopping for toys at Target, and getting groceries. Also throw in some children's activities and her day would be made. I do have to tell a couple white lies, like Target is closed. We try to come home and do some stuff around the house. 

We get Isaac from school at 3 and Isaac is always gives me an awesome smile- he misses his mama at school. He grabs my hand and we walk to the car chatting about his day. Those 45 seconds are a major highlight of my day. We get home and do homework- eek, homework! He has a couple hours to play with friends and then it is to bed. 

Anna in another uniform- adorable 

playing with grandma