Thursday, August 14, 2014

my grandmas grave

On our way to the Dells we drove by the town of Winona, Minnesota. The name stuck in my head and I couldn't remember why so I sent my mom a text to ask why that seemed so familiar. My dad called a couple hours later and said that he was born there and my grandma Connelly was buried in a town called Minnesota City about 5 miles North of Winona. 

I have not been anywhere near this part of Minnesota since my grandma's funeral 20 years ago. So Jeff and I made a detour on our way home to stop at her grave. I don't remember much about her funeral but I remember being in the car for hours. I also remember train tracks near her grave and seeing them seemed familiar.

It is so crazy how something that happens with so much significance seems like a foggy memory with small vivid details. Granted, I was young- 13 years old. 

We found her grave without a problem and Isaac had so many questions about my grandma and was wondering where my grandpa was buried- it is pretty awesome to be able to show the kids this stuff and to be able to talk to them about experiences when I was growing up. Next time we go to the cities we will have to stop at my grandpas grave. Bittersweet experiences. 

We drove the scenic route to Winona and Minnesota City along the river and it was beautiful. Wow. We also drove the scenic route from Winona back to the interstate. We drove through trees and hills, it was so breath taking. 

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