Monday, August 18, 2014

first day of school!

We had a big day in our house today. First day of school- Anna in preschool, Isaac in kindergarten. I was most apprehensive about Isaac starting kindergarten but he was totally fine. We walked him to his line and he was ready for us to go. 

Jeff and I took Anna into her classroom and she knew exactly what to do. She put her backpack away and gave her snack to Miss Pittman. She got her name tag and went right up to Miss Nagel to take a picture with her. She didn't even hesitate and found somethings to play with and waved goodbye to Jeff and I. 

When I left I think I was more emotional about Anna. My sweet girl is growing up- she acted like such a big girl. I was emotional about the whole morning because we are making a huge transition in our lives- both kids in school. We have come a long ways in 6 years. 

Last night before Isaac went to bed he wanted to write a note to Miss Nagel to tell her about Anna. So I helped him. Proud mommy moment. 

Isaac's note to Miss Nagel

1st day of kindergarten

1st day of preschool

my babies

Isaac and his kindergarten teacher
(she was my kindergarten teacher, too)

walking Anna to her class
(my neighbor took this picture)

Anna and her teacher

Isaac walking into school