Sunday, August 3, 2014

daddy/anna day

We were kind of all over the place with our plans this weekend. I had a friend in town that I was going to go out with on Saturday night so Jeff was going to take the kids to the lake. Then Isaac got invited to go with the neighbors to the river so it was just going to be Anna and Jeff at the lake. Long story short, Jeff decided to stay home. 

I was looking forward to the alone time at home so instead of Anna and Jeff hanging out at home he took her out for the day leaving me home to do my own thing. They came home after I left for dinner so it really was a day to myself. I enjoyed the peace and quiet and just watched a movie. 

Every half hour or so I would get a picture message from Jeff of their day. Every time I would see the huge smile on her face going on a ride or petting a kitty or dancing to Isaac's guitar teachers (for real) I felt so good. What a great day for Anna and Jeff. They got one on one time together- which never happens. They had a great time. Pretty dang good Saturday for everyone. 

farris wheel

petting a bunny


motorcycles- were her favorite.