Thursday, August 28, 2014

out with the old...

We have been doing some major fall clean up. I have some big projects on my mind and have major ammunition to get them going. We cleaned out the basement storage and I took 2 huge loads of old stuff- chairs, tables, bed frames, box springs, mattresses, etc- to the furniture mission. We cleared out a ton of room in the basement and made it more organized. We also got a new desk and a printer (We have never had a printer in our house ever. Whenever I needed something printed I would email it to Jeff at work and he would print it and bring it home). We got that set up downstairs. We also converted Isaac's room into a big kid room (pics to come when it's finished). It feels so good to clean out the old stuff. We still have some work to do but at least we are seeing major progress.  

heading to donate the old


Anna officially wants to have her dog be a girl. She wants there to be more girls in our house than boys. So, she has changed Ozzy's name to Ozzette and she says things like, "come on girl." "Oh your are such a sweet little girl." Oz is a full on girl according to Anna, it's pretty hilarious. 

Anna walking Ozzette

school mode

It is so crazy how much life totally changes once school is back on. This year is a total new experience for us- having Isaac in school all day everyday and having Anna in school three mornings a week.

When they are both in school I try to discipline myself to go straight to the gym and then home for a quick shower. This usually gives myself an hour to do something for me. 

Anna and I have so much time together- one on one. If it were up to her we would be going to get our nails painted, shopping for toys at Target, and getting groceries. Also throw in some children's activities and her day would be made. I do have to tell a couple white lies, like Target is closed. We try to come home and do some stuff around the house. 

We get Isaac from school at 3 and Isaac is always gives me an awesome smile- he misses his mama at school. He grabs my hand and we walk to the car chatting about his day. Those 45 seconds are a major highlight of my day. We get home and do homework- eek, homework! He has a couple hours to play with friends and then it is to bed. 

Anna in another uniform- adorable 

playing with grandma

Monday, August 18, 2014

first day of school!

We had a big day in our house today. First day of school- Anna in preschool, Isaac in kindergarten. I was most apprehensive about Isaac starting kindergarten but he was totally fine. We walked him to his line and he was ready for us to go. 

Jeff and I took Anna into her classroom and she knew exactly what to do. She put her backpack away and gave her snack to Miss Pittman. She got her name tag and went right up to Miss Nagel to take a picture with her. She didn't even hesitate and found somethings to play with and waved goodbye to Jeff and I. 

When I left I think I was more emotional about Anna. My sweet girl is growing up- she acted like such a big girl. I was emotional about the whole morning because we are making a huge transition in our lives- both kids in school. We have come a long ways in 6 years. 

Last night before Isaac went to bed he wanted to write a note to Miss Nagel to tell her about Anna. So I helped him. Proud mommy moment. 

Isaac's note to Miss Nagel

1st day of kindergarten

1st day of preschool

my babies

Isaac and his kindergarten teacher
(she was my kindergarten teacher, too)

walking Anna to her class
(my neighbor took this picture)

Anna and her teacher

Isaac walking into school

road trip with the neighbors

We have been talking about going to Brookings with the neighbors most of the summer but something was always coming up. It is hard to coordinate schedules with everyone, that's for sure. It finally worked out, the last Friday of summer. There were 10 kids total who made the trip- 5 moms. It was really fun and really really busy. 

It is so wonderful having so many great families in our neighborhood.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

my grandmas grave

On our way to the Dells we drove by the town of Winona, Minnesota. The name stuck in my head and I couldn't remember why so I sent my mom a text to ask why that seemed so familiar. My dad called a couple hours later and said that he was born there and my grandma Connelly was buried in a town called Minnesota City about 5 miles North of Winona. 

I have not been anywhere near this part of Minnesota since my grandma's funeral 20 years ago. So Jeff and I made a detour on our way home to stop at her grave. I don't remember much about her funeral but I remember being in the car for hours. I also remember train tracks near her grave and seeing them seemed familiar.

It is so crazy how something that happens with so much significance seems like a foggy memory with small vivid details. Granted, I was young- 13 years old. 

We found her grave without a problem and Isaac had so many questions about my grandma and was wondering where my grandpa was buried- it is pretty awesome to be able to show the kids this stuff and to be able to talk to them about experiences when I was growing up. Next time we go to the cities we will have to stop at my grandpas grave. Bittersweet experiences. 

We drove the scenic route to Winona and Minnesota City along the river and it was beautiful. Wow. We also drove the scenic route from Winona back to the interstate. We drove through trees and hills, it was so breath taking. 

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Wisconsin Dells

We loaded up in the minivan for a summer adventure- location Wisconsin Dells. Suzie's family, my family and my parents were the final takers on a summer adventure. We stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge and that was a definite highlight of the trip. The kids loved it. They had story time every night and even a dance party one night. They did face painting and had a coloring table. They also had several characters of the great wolf lodge that came out during the afternoon. Not to mention all the swimming and water parks at this resort. We could have spent the whole time at the resort. 

We spent our tour time on a duck boat tour which the kids loved- lots of hills and fast driving in the woods and even a nice ride on the water. We did a train ride which was pretty cool and our favorite was the lumberjack show. The kids got to try out the saw and take their own wood chip home. It was very entertaining. On Tuesday morning before we hit the road we stopped at Mr Pancake- delicious in every bite. 

Overall we had a really great time. The only downfall is that it is forever away- 6 hour car ride. Kids did great, though

great wolf lodge ears

celebrating my dads 74th birthday

Oliver the raccoon

duck boat tour

Dave Jeff and Greta

family selfie at Monks- bets cheese curds in the dells

lumberjack show

lumberjack show- sully and Isaac sawing

kids love the show

Anna sawing

mini golfing with my boy

face painting

face painting

train conductor


bacon pancakes

Sunday, August 3, 2014

daddy/anna day

We were kind of all over the place with our plans this weekend. I had a friend in town that I was going to go out with on Saturday night so Jeff was going to take the kids to the lake. Then Isaac got invited to go with the neighbors to the river so it was just going to be Anna and Jeff at the lake. Long story short, Jeff decided to stay home. 

I was looking forward to the alone time at home so instead of Anna and Jeff hanging out at home he took her out for the day leaving me home to do my own thing. They came home after I left for dinner so it really was a day to myself. I enjoyed the peace and quiet and just watched a movie. 

Every half hour or so I would get a picture message from Jeff of their day. Every time I would see the huge smile on her face going on a ride or petting a kitty or dancing to Isaac's guitar teachers (for real) I felt so good. What a great day for Anna and Jeff. They got one on one time together- which never happens. They had a great time. Pretty dang good Saturday for everyone. 

farris wheel

petting a bunny


motorcycles- were her favorite.