Sunday, July 13, 2014

posting letters

If you live within a few miles of our house and you are on Anna's mind chances are we have dropped a letter or 2 off at your front step. Anna loves to write cards to people, put them in envelopes, write their name on them and deliver them to your home- she calls it posting letters. 

She scribbles her info on one side and has Jeff or I (and sometimes Isaac) write who it's to and from Anna. Then we put it in the envelope and do the same thing on the front of the envelope. When we deliver them she goes to the front door and puts them at the door and leaves. We have done so many of these we had to go buy more cards from the store- this time we got a 100 pack.

If you are home when she delivers it she will ask to open the card for you and she will read it to you. Today she said to my mom, "Dear Grandma, I like you a lot."

She loves it. Isaac does, too. I sure hope those people who are receiving them love it, too. It sure puts a smile on my face watching her do this for important people in her life. 

delivering cards to Aunt Lizzie

Hanging with Grandpa after delivering cards.
He took them to the park!

decorating the Christmas tree