Sunday, July 13, 2014

kinderkamp for anna

Anna had her chance at camp this summer, as well. She went to kinderkamp and had so much fun! They met at the park every morning where they played games, sang songs, did crafts, and went swimming. She loved packing her lunch just like Isaac did the week before- she had to have a Lunchable every day, too. Everyday I picked her up she was happy to see me and couldn't wait to go back the next day. She went Monday- Thursday 10am-3pm.

When I picked her up after the first day she had a big owie on her face. She had fallen when they were walking back from the playground. It sounded like she got her feet tangled up with another little girl. The counselors said she was upset but didn't cry too much. My brave little girl. 

We are so proud of her. 

1st morning of camp

All set to play!

Big owie- brave Anna